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On ISIS, Tragic Deaths and Jesus

Welcome to More Than Four Walls, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! The persecution of Christians and the beheading of children is chilling but it should not be surprising. The deaths of Robin Williams, Joan Rivers and Kevin Ward are quit possibly even sadder events that Middle East terror. The […]

are you wasting money on food

You Are Throwing Away Money and Don’t Even Realize It

What is your food budget per month? $200? $300? $600? $1000?  Did you know you are wasting at least 10% of that? Over spending on groceries is one of the most common problems in the family budget. I’ve shared some kitchen secrets and ways to cut kitchen costs and here is another measure you’ll want […]

Gods apples

Ultimate Apple Recipes Collection (50+ Recipes)

It is apple harvest season here in Pennsylvania.  It seems like just yesterday tiny pink and white flowers were appearing on the apple trees that can be seen all around our county. We are blessed with some friends who have an orchard and allowed us to pick some apples. Ultimate Apple Recipes Collection I never […]

Recovering From Bankruptcy

Recovering From Bankruptcy

  September 11, 2002:  The day my debts were dissolved in a bankruptcy hearing. Just one year after the never-forgotten 9/11 I had the most humbling experience of my life. Standing before a bankruptcy judge the list of the debts I could not pay were read aloud in a small conference room of a local hotel. […]

The Proper Place for Children During Church

The Proper Place for Children During Church

Awhile back we visited the church my friend is temporarily pastoring.  It’s a main-line denomination and this particular Sunday there was no children’s church.  Wyatt had to sit with me through the entire service, about an hour. It started well, he sat in his seat, drew on the bulletin and even when up for the […]

Scene on a market

5 Ways To Save Money On Organic Food Shopping

As the dangers of pesticides become more prevalent, many people are looking to make the move to organic and natural foods.  Others have no choice due to health concerns but to eat as natural as possible.  Unfortunately the cost of doing so can be budget killer.  When you are working to reduce your grocery budget […]