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Christ-Centered Christmas Resouces

Welcome to More Than Four Walls, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!   Even when we try to keep Christ the center of our Christmas it is hard when the world around us is filled with Santa, reindeer and the latest once-in-life-time sales. Below are 17 amazing Christ centered […]

thanksgiving meal planner free printable

Thanksgiving In 4 – A Quick Guide to Getting Thanksgiving Dinner Ready in 4 Days

It’s Turkey Time!  If you haven’t yet started prepping for Thanksgiving now is the time my friend.  Here’s a step by step guide to help you get it all done bit by bit over the next four days. Monday 1) Plan the menu Sounds obvious but what are you having?  Do you have everything you […]

30 days to christmas

The Secret (Yet Obvious) Step to Keeping Your Christmas Low Stress and Under Budget

Marry Christmas! Oh wait, we haven’t even gotten to Thanksgiving yet. One holiday at a time you say. Appreciate one and then start on the  next. On the other hand, you know if you wait until after the turkey settles you’ll be rushing around juggling all the priorities of life and trying to get the mile-long […]

autism and the holidays

Simple & Wonderous: A Look at Preparing For the Holidays with an Autistic Child

Editor’s note: Admittedly, I have little contact with anyone who I know is on the Autism Spectrum.  This isn’t by choice it’s just part of our lives. I know many people do.  And when I asked on Facebook about stressors during the holiday season this topic came up.  Parents with Autistic children face a different set […]

burp rags and baby wipes: enjoying the holidays with a little one

Enjoying the Holidays with Burp Rags and Baby Wipes

In just a few days, Thanksgiving will be here, with Christmas hot on its heels. The holidays overwhelm many of us with the lengthy to-do list for preparation, whether that’s cleaning or shopping… or both. “So little time,” as the saying goes. Now add being a new mom to the mix. What’s a gal to […]

cooking in a camper

Life in A Small Kitchen: A Peek Into Cooking in A Camper

Do you have a small kitchen?  Are you struggling to eat real food style in a tight space? Well today you are in for a treat.  It’s a Real Food Kitchen Tour of some of your favorite blogger’s tiny kitchens. Let me show you around our once-incredibly small kitchen. Our lives took a crazy turn […]