Restoring the Lost Petal
How erotica effects our sons

It Must Stop With You: How Reading Erotica Today Will Effect Your Son Tomorrow

Welcome to More Than Four Walls, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Surely no woman in her right mind does a read-aloud with an erotica novel for her boys. Hopefully no woman in her right mind lets erotica lay on the coffee table next to the newspaper and the family […]

Shaped By God: Having a Cheering Section

Shaped By God: Having A Cheering Section Because We All Need Encouragement

We’re wrapping up week three of the Faithful Finish Lines Challenge and I’m so impressed by the lay out of this program and the ongoing support and encouragement that is available. We all need encouragement from time to time. No matter how determined we are or how focused we stay there are days when the […]

Practical changes for sexual purity

Changing Lanes: Practical Changes For Overcome Sexual Impurity

Sexually purity means more than waiting until the veil goes back to have sexual intercourse. Sexual purity and integrity reach broad into many areas of your life like roots of a firmly established tree. If you’ve been living a sexually impure life how can you change? Is it too late? Will you ever be able […]

Using your downtime wisely

Keeping a When There’s Time List

Last weekend I found myself with an unexpected afternoon and evening to myself. The question, “What should I do,” never entered my mind. The question I was left with was, “What do I do first?” My normal To Do List was a mile long, left over stuff from the previous day still needing attention and […]

21 words that will change your prayer life forever

Change Your Prayer Life Forever

I was compensated for this review with a copy of Before Amen. The opinions expressed below are my own. Deep in repentant prayer, tears hit my Bible like icy rain on a winter day. I have been so wrong about so many things. My shortcomings flashing across the screen of my mind. “Father, forgive me for losing […]

how to start eating more fruits and veggies

Shaped By God: Eating The Healthy Stuff

You would think as co-author of a veggie cookbook I would have this eating more fruits and veggies thing down. Truth is, I don’t. I know I need to. I have the recipes. The bottom line, I need to commit. This week in the Faithful Finishlines Program we focused on eating more fruits and veggies. […]