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A look at turning the ordinary into teachable moments

Turning the Ordinary Into Teachable Moments

Welcome to More Than Four Walls, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Life should be seen a learning experience.  Every day, no matter our age we should see what we can learn. I need to practice what I preach. All too often I forget that I am not above […]

salted chocolate covered caramels

Salted Chocolate Covered Caramels

I love salted caramel and if you add chocolate to the mix it’s even better! When I decided to try my hand at making some I just did a Google search and I got, according to Google, “about 131,000″ results. So I decided on this recipe.  No particular reason other than the directions were clear and […]

looking at the times to remember

These Are Times to Remember

The sun is just starting to rise when Wyatt wakes up.  Most of you know he’s an early riser like his mama. But as they saying goes, things change like the tides. Our early morning up and at ‘em has been replaced with an early morning snack, drink of water and a bathroom break followed […]

top nature books prek

My Top Picks: Nature Books for Preschoolers

No matter if you homeschool, public school or private school, reading to your children is never a bad idea or time wasted. Nature books for preschoolers are among our favorite to read. Wyatt loves to be outside and is quite intrigued by nature so we’ve been reading lots of nature and animal books lately. Since […]

what are homeschool moms really doing

Homeschool Moms: Playing School or Teaching?

As I forage through the more than 45 electronic folders full of homeschool materials, I came across a book that struck me as perfect timing. I have had this book since August 2013 but amidst my collection, it got lost with the masses. This part struck me deep: “Sitting across the table from my wiggly, […]

free spender saver evaluation tool

Money and Marriage: Bridging the Gap Between You and Your Spouse

Early on in your relationship money didn’t come up. And if it did the glasses of love dimmed out any differences.  Now you find yourself with a spouse whose money philosophy (or lack thereof) makes you want to scream. If you’re the Spender in the relationship you probably liked the stability your Saver spouse brought […]