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11 Ways To Move More Each Day With The Kids

11 Ways to move more this winter with your kids in toe. #faithfulfinishlines #exercisegoals

You haven’t had a chance to work out and the kids are bouncing off the walls with energy. It happens, especially in the colder months when outside play time is limited or unsafe in extreme cold temperatures.  When you can’t be as active as you want to here are some way to be more active.

Dance Party – Put on your favorite CD, music channel or Prime Playlist and dance the day away (or at least a good 20 minutes.) Be silly, be serious, just get dancin’.

Wii Sports – We’ve had a Wii for years but we just hooked it up again. We have been enjoying bowling, golf and tennis.

Simon Says – Yes, the classic Simon says.

Winter Walks – Winter is still a good time to get outdoors. Start some crock pot hot chocolate early in the morning, plan your walk for mid-day and then snuggle with books and hot cocoa when you get home.

Going stir crazy? Take a winter walk. You'll get exercise and an education....if you listen......

Plan a Scavenger Hunt – This can be as simple or complex as you want. You can pre-plan it by planting items around the house and giving older kids a list or use a picture list for smaller children. Be sure to switch rolls and let them hid things for you too!

Play Balancing Plank – If you end up with giggles trying this move, all the better.  While playing they are building balance and core strength by raising opposite arms and legs. Start out on all fours. Walk your feet back until you’re on your toes and hands. Then, lift one foot and the opposite arm.  Can you do it?

Burpees – Have you done a burpee yet? Let me tell you, your abs will feel it! I am doing a burpee challenge and our four year old is having fun with his version of burpees.

Hoverball – I love this thing. We kick ball every day in the hallway.

Jumping Jacks Before Snacks – Every time someone wants a snack they have to do jumping jacks, you too mom! Bonus: If you’re watching what you eat this will make you aware of how many times you snack.

Cheer for the home team – Find a game on TV, any game and pick a team to cheer for. When they score or make forward progress get up and do a cheer or two.

 The Park – I know it sounds obvious but don’t just take the kids to the park, play at the park. We have a park nearby that has a huge field where Wyatt and I can race one another and play tag. Resist the urge to be on your phone or read a book the entire time. Keep it balanced mama, you can do both!

It might not be a day at the gym but every chance you have to get off the chair or the coach and move is a an opportunity for some fun and some exercise.

What’s your favorite way to move more with kids?

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