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5 Not So Real Things We Eat

no so real foods

I like to keep it real around here.  So even though I like to prepare and eat real, whole, natural foods it isn’t always in the cards.

Real food isn’t always around us and since we do not have food allergies we can relax from time to time.  As you journey into real food remember that it is a process and a journey.  There are times when take out is the only food option.  Be smart about what you get and where you go but don’t beat yourself.

Here’s a few of the things we eat that aren’t so healthy:

Hidden Valley Ranch – I love my homemade poppy seed dressing but sometimes I just need ranch.  I haven’t had time to explore my own homemade and the organic store bought I have is, well…….disgusting.

Take Out Pizza – I don’t like the amount of money we are spending on pizza lately but with the busyness of life comes choices. I can’t do it all every day of every week.

Panera I love me some Fiji Apple Chicken Salad.  But I have submitted a formal note to them that “vegetarian diets” for chickens is ridiculous.

Thin Mint Cookies – My husband’s cookie of choice.  And of course Wyatt wants to be just like Daddy.  At least they only come once a year.  Oh wait, we buy 2 cases….that means they last a while.

Pretzels – My late night snack of choice?  Utz Sourdough Specials are nothing healthy but with a cold glass of raw milk they are my snack of choice at least two nights a week when we have them in the house.  I do limit how often I buy them though so we don’t always have them around.


Aldi’s Cheese – I had to add this one.  My husband has not cared for any of the varieties of raw milk cheese I’ve gotten and we haven’t got to our goal of making cheese so we stick with Aldi cheese for now.

What no-so-real things do you eat? Share in confidence and with no condemnation.

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  1. I love the grace you offer in this post. We, too, try to eat a healthy, whole food diet most of the time, but life is too short to stress about doing it perfectly. During the busy times, we resort to deli meats and store bought chips. I try to make homemade buns, bread, and tortillas, but sometimes I just need to cheat and buy them. Sometimes we enjoy a glass of Quik chocolate milk. The shame! 🙂

    • Danielle says:


      We have to be sure our priorities are in order and sometimes food has to slide back a notch or two….but oh the aroma of fresh baked bread!


  1. […] I encourage you to seek the Lord and ask Him what He wants you to work on first and take it from there.  I believe that food, like other areas is covered by God’s grace as we learn and heed His promptings to change.  For fun you can read this article about no-so real food we eat. […]

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