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5 Reasons Why I’m Starting Homeshool Preschool at Age Three

In about a month we will embark on the homeschooling road with homeschool preschool.  A long road with hills and valleys, sharp turns with probably a few breakdowns along the day.

Wyatt will be three this September.

homeschool preschool

We know (or know of) families who will wait/waited until 4 to start preschool, friends who did/will do public preschool and still others who won’t start any formal education until age 6.

So why are we starting preschool homeschool at age 3?

Here ya go:

 #1 – I’m called to homeschool

I didn’t always feel this way.  I’m pretty sure I told my dear friend she was outside her mind and wondered what drugs she was on when she told me she was going to homeschool some 7 or 8 years ago.

But the Lord knew. He placed before me Tabby, Beth, Karen and Shonda – sisters in Christ who are homeschooling and raising respectable, mature, well-spoken children.  Surprisingly, they don’t live under a rock like was my previous perception of homeshooled children.  He began to change my heart toward homeschooling before I even really had the longing for children.  He gifted me with a love for teaching, organization and time management. I see now that the things I learned through my former full-time job; honing my training and teaching gifts were all in preparation for homeschooling.

#2 – He has orchestrated the timing, and it is perfect

Even though I knew I was called to homeschool I wasn’t sure how it was going to work. I was a full time working mama, making meals from scratch and doing financial coaching in the evenings.  I knew somehow He’d help me fit in homeschooling but I didn’t know how.

Aside from that, I stood many a day in our old house and contemplated where I’d set up a school room.  I figured we’d do much schooling from the kitchen table but I still wanted a place I could devote to school books, projects and other things.  My husband planned on building an wall desk with shelving units for me in our old den.

God is good.

We had a house fire August 24, 2012, moved into our new house in July 24, 2013…..suddenly I have a basement with space for “school.”

I was laid off in May – my scheduled suddenly got a bit more flexible!

God is good.

#3 – I need a trial run

In our state you don’t need to official declare you are homeschooling until age 8 though most parents don’t wait that long to begin.  I could wait until next year but I need a trial run.  For me, for him, for the family.

For me, I need to see what style is going to work for us int he early years. I know this is subject to change but for me, I have peace of mind by doing a trial run this year.

With my husband’s rotating work schedule and his get-up-and-go personality we are going to need time as a family to figure out a good routine.  I envision many a field trip for us.  As active as we are, we may be an unschool-leaning family too.

#4 – I want him to have a firm foundation

Neither my husband nor I grew up with a Christian world view.  We were “Christians” yes, but we didn’t know (and are still learning) how to see the world through the eyes of the Lord.  We saw what we saw, did what we did and said what we said never knowing that it could have eternal consequences for our lives and the lives around us.

I don’t want Wyatt to struggle with that.  I don’t want him being taught “truth” at school and Truth at home and being confused about which is true.

This doesn’t mean I want to shelter him from the world, keep him hidden from non-Christians and never expose him to things of this world.  It means I want him to have a strong foundation, based on the Truth and expose him to the world’s view when the time (age) is right and help him understand that not everything that seems right/fair/just is Truth.

#5 – I think he is going to be an early reader

Wyatt loves to be read to and sits for long periods of time “reading” through his books.  He doesn’t like just grab picture books but the books with words.  I want to nurture that love of reading and I feel the best way to do that is have some behind the scenes structure to how much I read to him and what we read.  I want quality living books.

I believe reading is a gateway to life-long learning.  My husband hates to read and I believe the school system failed him in that area.  In school, I only read what I had to in order to get good grades but I have learned to love reading as an adult.


Will you homeschool?  What age did/will you start?

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  1. I’ve been homeschooling for 10 yrs. This year will be my first year teaching all 5! And my youngest will be 3 in September, like yours. I found a great curriculum that teaches my age, not grade. The first level is for ages 2-5. So my 3 yr old and newly 5 yr old will be taught together. Good luck! What state are you in?

  2. My 4 yo I thought was too young for preschool (kindergarten) in Australia.
    What program do you suggest. I homeschool for a year now. 12yo and 10yo out private christian school but no experience in teaching to read etc. Then 2yo in Oct who will follow on.

  3. We are definitely playing this one by ear (and sight — observation, you know) for our first. I was homeschooled in 1st grade and 4th-12th, so I am excited to have had the “student” perspective (praying God reminds me of this often so I can have an understanding heart toward my child(ren)’s struggles) and to soon have the “teacher” perspective. Actually, we are trying to be intentional even now — seeking out teaching opportunities and encouraging his curiosity. I’m ok with not teaching him to read until he’s 6, 7, or 8 — especially if he has my husband’s knack for math skills! But I won’t hold off if he’s interested earlier than that. 🙂

    So excited for you, friend! This will be an incredible learning and growing season — for all of you!

  4. I think it its wise to begin early, because then by the time he reaches K or first grade you will have a better handle on things and may be able to fit in a leisure year possibly if needed, or even chisel in done time for vacation and yolks be able to experiment with different approaches before it “counts”. That was my goal with Sarah and glad I did that because allot of stuff popped up in the last two years that ended up diverting my energy and attention from homeschooling a few times, so I’m glad I had a foundation by then.


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