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Our Biggest Marriage Struggle and 52 Uncommon Dates Giveaway

52 Uncommon Dates Giveaway

Yesterday marked our 11th wedding anniversary.

It’s been an interesting eleven years to say the least. There’s been good and there’s been bad and there’s been some down right ugly too. I was looking back over our life together, twelve years total,  I can’t help but see how God has been at work even before we were living for Him. It’s amazing how the God of all creation cares for us even in our selfishness. When it comes to marriage we certainly don’t have it all worked out. Not even close.  Some days I even think to myself, “what are we doing?” 

You know the moments, when you look back at a past conversation, a dumb thing you did or the attitude you have and just wonder what on earth you were thinking.  Yeah, we have those moments often.  Part of that is still the baggage we’re dealing with from our own pasts mistakes.  It’s like dragging suitcases of garbage into the living room and trying to live around them. It’s messy sometimes.

The biggest struggle for me is quality time together alone.  I’m thankful for a husband who really enjoys time with his family and want Wyatt and I to be part of his life. Sometimes though, we forget about ourselves.  We do not make husband-wife time a priority and every few months it shows in my attitude.  I don’t need fancy vacations, lavish dinners (well, maybe once and awhile) or diamonds but I do like conversation and connecting.  (My top love languages are physical touch and quality time).

Ask my husband how his day at work was and you’ll get the same answer I’ve gotten for the last twelve years, “Oh, not too bad.” He’s a man of few words.  I often joke that he’s uses up all his words at work and doesn’t save any for me.  Of course, then my tank gets dry and I get snarky and cop an attitude.  What a crazy cycle we end up on! If you’ve never read The 5 Love Languages I highly recommend if for you and your spouse (or future spouse).  It’s so important to understand what really speaks to your spouse so you can work to communicate love to them in a way they naturally receive it.  We read it years ago and I think it might be time for a reread soon.

Added Adventure to Rekindle the Spark

When I was asked to review 52 Uncommon Dates: A Couple’s Adventure Guide to Praying, Playing and Staying Together I was eager to get my copy especially when I saw introduction was by Gary Chapman, the author of The 5 Love Languages. 52 Uncommon Dates is 219 pages packed with unique date ideas to keep the spark and fun in your marriage. Most of the dates are low cost or free so they can be done a a shoestring budget.  I’m all about saving money so if a date can less than dinner and a move but still fun and even romantic than I’m all for it.

Each date gives a scripture, a quote from Gary Chapman and then the details of the date.  There’s tips for Minding Your Language that highlight incorporating your spouse’s love language in the date.

Some of my favorites are The Lego Date and the Tree Planting Date.  You can check out all of the dates in the table of contents here.  And don’t forget to enter to win your copy of 52 Uncommon Dates below. 

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