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What to do with 97 Bananas & 97 New Books

Bananas and Books

What would you do with 97 bananas?

You know, the 97 you bought because they were on sale for 10-cents a pound and getting a little too ripe.

Try some of these yummy recipes and then freeze your left over bananas.

Here’s some options:

Waffles with Caramelized Bananas – I’ve never heard of Teff flour before but caramelized anything sounds good to me!

Make Baby Food – When Wyatt was a little(r) man I made all of his food at home.  Baby bananas are super easy and taste much better than store bought jars.  Basically you need bananas and a food processor or blender.  When he first started eating solids I mixed in a bit of breast milk to thin them out.

Freeze Them – Bananas are great frozen for use in smoothies, ice cream or for using in baked recipes (thaw first for those).  They don’t very appetizing but we goin’ for taste not visual appeal here.

Banana Taffy Chips

 Banana Ice Cream

Gourmet Banana Nut Butter Toast


Chunky Monkey Muffins


You may never by 97 bananas but very soon you do have an opportunity to buy 97 new ebooks.

So what exactly do you do with this library of resources?

Organize and Categorize Them Digitally

Creating folders for the categories of books you have is a simple way of keeping them organized digitally. This is a partial screen shot of my Google Drive categories.

organize digitally






Duplicate Your Files

Computers crash (so do blogs)I have my books stored in Google Drive, free cloud storage available if you have a gmail account) and also on a USB drive.  I will also back up my favorites on the hard drive of my new computer in the event I don’t have internet but need a really good recipe.

Print Copies

You will probably want to use this option sparingly but printing some books is a good idea.  Some books like Truth In Tinsel or ABC’s for Godly Boys or Girls might make sense to print.  Just yesterday I printed my copy of Intentional Blogger.  IB is not part of the bundle sale but if you are a Christian with a blog this book is a must have. Leigh Ann and Nikki has such a heart for Jesus and blogging…a combination that is necessary for Christian blogger.


Give Duplicates to a Friend

If you’re not new to ebooks you may find that you already have one or two or even several of the books you see below. So give the duplicate copies to your friends.  Ebooks are copy righted but if you purchased one six months ago and now purchase one with the bundle you technically own two copies.  I just recently gave a copy of a book I got to a friend who I knew would love it.

But please, if you haven’t gotten two, don’t share them.  These ladies work very hard praying, researching, testing and writing. Many of these ladies are moms who desire to be at home with their children but still contribute financially   When you share unpurchased copies you are stealing from them. It’s like sharing music files, except blogging moms don’t make millions so the the excuse of “they’ll never miss it” doesn’t apply.

Get a Free Reading App

You don’t need a Kindle to read an ebook.  You can simply view them as a pdf file on your computer.  You can also get a free reading app.  Kindle offers free apps for your computer and your smart phones.

I didn’t know you could get the apps without actually owning a Kindle until last week.  (A benefit of knowing some other bloggers who know more than I do!)


Now it’s your turn – What would you do with 97 bananas and 97 books?

book collage

moving banner


  1. So I got a pingback when you linked to CMB. I noticed the blurb and thought, “What does 97 bananas have to do with CMB?” Of course I clicked through. First thank you for mentioning our eBook. Second this is honestly one of the most creative posts I’ve seen for this bundle yet! Totally loved it! 🙂

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks Leigh Ann. You don’t know what that means to hear coming from you. I honor and admire you gals for keeping Christ first. Your love for him rings loud and true in the book (which I can’t put down by the way.)

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