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Should Christian Women Question Their Purpose?

Should Christian Woman Question Their Purpose Maybe you’ve seen movies or read books in the secular genre about women trying  to find their place and purpose, searching earnestly for their purpose and place in life. There’s a misconception that Christian women should know their purpose and calling and there should be no question. 

I think everyone, at some point in their lives, wonders what their purpose is in this world especially Christian women.

If you’ve been following More Than Four Walls for a while you know that I am newly a stay at home mom after being laid off.  You can read my story here and here.

I know, without a shadow of a doubt that I am called not to be in the work-force, punching a clock.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am supposed to raise our son to be a godly man, homeschool and cook healthy, from scratch meals.

I have also come to realize that I am called to teach, train and disciple women.  The Lord led me to write Restoring the Lost Petal and contribute to Set Apart and He has told me that I would be speaking to women.

How can that be?  How can I be a stay at home mom and be an inspiration and teacher to others?

Because God is God and if he ordains it, it can be.

Perhaps you have desires of your heart that don’t seem to fit together.  They don’t make any sense but you know God has given you the desires and abilities but yet in the natural it doesn’t make sense. 

I’ve learned a long time ago that the Lord’s plans don’t have to make sense to make sense.  They can be the craziest, strangest, oddest plans to your friends and even your family but remember, He sees the end from the beginning.

He Counts Nothing as Lost

The Bible says we are to count it all as lost.  And in the context of this world compared to Christ we should.

But the wonderful thing about our God is that He doesn’t count it all as lost when it comes to our past. He will use it, often times we don’t know how but He does, and He will.

The last six months of my time with my former employer were miserable.  Tears often flowed down my face on the thirty-minute drive to the office.  I cried out to the Lord to change something as often as I cried tears of sadness and misery.  I had really started to hate my job. In 13 years I had never felt such discontent and need for change as I did in my last months on the job.

When I started working 13 years ago my goal was to work my way from customer service representative to management.  And I made it.  With hard work, dedication, good (and not so good) leadership and prayers I was able to reach management without a college degree.

I could not understand why God would bless me with favor at work and then change roads for me. All that time and energy and now not only did I want out of this job I wanted out of work all together.  As much as I wanted out I also wondered why the reason was for so many years in customer service and management – what was the point?

Now, with the formation of Virtuous Woman Ministries, the lip balm and the books, I see that my years of management and learning about profit and loss statements were meant to teach me and give me an understanding of business practices.  The years of leading, teaching and training were meant to help me realize that I am a good teacher – a gifting the Lord has given me.

dont discount the season

When the Lord is taking you to a new season of life don’t discount what you’ve been through or where you have been.  He will use what you’ve been through, good or bad.

That’s the wondrous beauty of our Lord.  When we are living our lives for Him nothing we have done is in vain or wasted.  Mistakes are learning opportunities; a chance to sit on Daddy’s lap and feel His love.  Victories are a chance to celebrate with Daddy and praise Him.

What has the Lord called you to in this season of life? 

Are you called to stay at home, work and serve others, have children, remain childless for a time or do missions work?

I do not believe we are all called to the same purpose.  Dear woman of God, do not measure yourself up against anyone else in this world.

If you are questioning your purpose spend time with the Lord and reflect on the following questions.

What are my spiritual gifts? (Romans 12:6-8; 1 Cor 12: 4-11)

What are the desires of my heart? (Psalm 37:4)


Whatever season you are in, ask the Lord how He wants to use you and do not think that you are “less than” because your passions and giftings are different than those around you or even those in your church.  

Seek God to know your purpose in life and know that there is a season for everything.  What you are passionate about now may be different than 5 years ago or 5 years from now.  The hard times, the trials, the painful seasons are not in vain.

He has good plans for you!

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  1. Great insightful article. God does take us through “training” even when we don’t know that is what He is doing. You are well trained and I look forward to all the things he is going to do in your life and career!

  2. love to attend, but it’s a bit far to travel for a Sunday evening (I miss living in the city, I’m now in the ‘burbs).Now that I have a garden, I’m growing veggies, culinary and medicinal herbs. I’ll be making calendula sun-oil and feverfew tincture soon — first time, self-taught from books and the web.Have fun!


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