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A Life With Less Worry

Tuesday was a good day and a crazy day.  The good came in our little creek adventure, the crazy came when the wheels fell off the cart at precisely 6:45pm.

The evening’s schedule was pretty tight consisting of a visit from my brother in law, a financial coaching client at 7:30, meeting at 8 and a second client at 9.

Then this happen:

While washing eggs we lost water pressure. (6:45pm)

Initial check of breakers, switches and power sources are fruitless so the cavarly is called (local electrician). (7:00pm) 

Cavalry arrives. (7:20pm)

Brother in law able to stay until 8 so I can do coaching but cuts him close on some things he needs to do. 

I spill a freshly poured cup of hot coffee all over my self.  (7:30pm)

Coaching client is a no show. Brother in law able to leave earlier than we thought.  (7:40pm)

Brad and I tag-team watching Wyatt who is all to happy to follow Daddy and “That Guy” around with his bowl of grapes while they work on diagnosing and the water issue and I have my coaches meeting.  Since we mainly listen and interject only when necessary I was able to keep the phone muted. (8:00-8:35pm)

Issues diagnosed (bad pressure switch in the well) but still not fixed, waiting on a part. (8:15pm)

Second coaching client emails me to say she needs to reschedule.(8:29m)

Water fixed. (9:20pm)

Anyone need a sedative? The old me would have….somewhere between 6:46 and 8.

Matthew 6 25-27

Any more when stuff like this happens I (try) to just go with the flow and rely on God to work it all out.  I catch myself silently saying “Stay calm, He’s got it.” or “Lord, you’ve got this.”  

I’d like to tell you that I calmly gathered everyone around we prayed and peace fell instantly and the water began working with no out of pocket expense but that’s not the case.

You see, life happens.  Things break, schedules change and money needs spent.  Sometimes God’s provision isn’t removing the situation it’s teaching you how to walk through it. 

I still find myself in a panic every once in awhile and I still loose my peace but these are places I visit instead of places I live in.

I’m am learning to live in a life of less worry. When this evening’s events happened worry wasn’t going to change anything.

So when the wash machine breaks, the van lets you sit or the roof leaks remember He’s got this. Praying your way through things is the best advice I can give you.  These prayers don’t need to be of Shakespearean quality, they just need to be sincere.

Until Next Time,

Be blessed and Worry Not

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  1. Have you been reading my journal lately? You have been hitting on so many things I am struggling with. Now, as long as you don’t talk about the verse that I am memorizing and praying about this week, I’ll know you aren’t snooping!

    • Danielle says:

      That blesses me! Not you struggling, but knowing that in my obedience in posting what the Lord is leading me to you are blessed and encouraged. That’s why I do this!.


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