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A Month to Remember: July 2013

A Month To Remember

Every hour, every day, every month we make memories.  Every day we should be learning something new.

To encourage you to reflect and remember the month gone by and help you learn new (or forgotten) things I’m starting a new monthly series called A Month to Remember.

Each month will feature something personal that I’ve learned, or perhaps a funny to encourage you as well as posts from around the web that will encourage and inspire you to become the virtuous woman God is calling you to be.

July – Hot, Humid and Humbling

The highlight of July for me, besides moving into the house, was this video I shot of Brad and Wyatt on Wyatt’s first boat-fishing trip in Delaware.

It’s clear who is more excited!

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The gravity of what we’ve been through the last year really hit me as we began to move into our new home.  The grace God gave us was amazing. It’s humbling to realize that He loves us so much that even when we must suffer through something He provides grace and peace in the shadow of His wings.


Things to Learn

Something new to add to my Learning List: Cake Decorating!!  I’ve never been good at it and but this post with cake decorating directions and a video makes it look easy.

I have no desire at this point to become gluten free (love me some homemade bread!!) but I have wondered why people choose a gluten free diet. In fact, my sister in-law, after going gluten free for 30 days found her eczema cleared up and now has returned since she started eating gluten again.

I didn’t even know you could make homemade foaming hand soap but I do now!

I stumbled on this post about how to make sushi and I am definitely trying it sometime this year!!

Tacos are a favorite meal for us but with Wyatt eating more and me being laid off I’m looking for new ways to stretch our food budget.  Adding lentils can stretch your meat and still give you a full meal.  This lentil taco dinner recipe is amazing.

Things to Encourage

I found Gail at Confessions Over Coffee to be spot on, 50 Shades of Grey is not something any woman should allow into her life.  It can’t do a marriage any lasting good.

As we mother our children, we must remember that love is kind.  We should not be harsh, bitter or angry.  This past month was a struggle for me. I know God is trying to teach me and slowly I am learning.

If you’re a working mom like I was not too long ago I know you’ll appreciate this post from Young Wife’s Guide. Homemaking while working outside the home can be done with His grace and a good plan.

 Things to Do

As soon as I feel semi-organized (which will be soon) I’m making this non-toxic disinfectant spray.

Yesterday we go 10, yes 10 different credit card offers.  I’m going to take Small Footprint Family’s advice to stopping junk mail.

Brad loves salsa so this homemade salsa recipe will be great for nights on the deck with homemade tortilla chips.

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