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I was compensated for this review with a copy of Before Amen. The opinions expressed below are my own.

21 words that will change your prayer life forever

Deep in repentant prayer, tears hit my Bible like icy rain on a winter day. I have been so wrong about so many things. My shortcomings flashing across the screen of my mind.

“Father, forgive me for losing my temper, forgive me for being impatient yet again. Forgive us for being lousy parents and yelling too much………”

I threw this prayer to Heaven, feeling defeated. Yet another day where the wrong seemed to outweigh the right. A new day was dawning and my heart’s desire was to for this to be the day.

The day we didn’t have attitudes.

The day I didn’t yell.

The day this house was totally sold out to Christ.

The day our son acted better than we did……….

Like a knight in shining armor, arriving with pomp and circumstance, I have waited for the arrival of that day. But I have learned through the years that God rarely arrives with pomp and circumstance, but more like the rising of the sun. Slow and steady, gradual until at long last the full glory of morning is seen.

The moment I finished tossing my prayers to heaven I had a vision. I saw myself get up, walk to the kitchen and begin my day. The words I prayed hung overhead, like a low hanging cloud. In the dim light of predawn I could barely see something sitting where I had just been when I cried out to God. I realized it was the presence of the Lord. Immediately I knew. I had given these prayers to God but I never waited for his response. There was God, right were I needed Him to be and yet I was flippant about my prayer.

Take your prayers to a new level

Before Amen

My prayer wasn’t wrong. God does not mind the cries of a mom who is at her wits end, trying her best. My prayer was, however incomplete. I gave but I did not wait to receive. I gave problems but not praise. That’s what God was showing me. We can toss prayers at him all day, eloquent flowery words can glide off our lips but that isn’t what God is after. God is after simple. He wants us to keep it simple. Tell him what we need, thank him and give the issues to Jesus and wait in confidence for His response.

I was reminded of a wonderful book I just finished reading a few days prior, Before Amen: The Power of a Simple Prayer,by Max Lucado. It was lying on the end table right next to my chair.  Such powerful reminders in this book. We forget the power in a simple, yet complete prayer.

Before Amen reminded me to give my needs to God but more importantly, to invite God into my day. God loves when we spend time with him. You are a treasure, his treasure. He wants to love, bless and speak to you every day. In Jesus’ Name you have the right to go to God. You can’t do it wrong. A humble heart and a sincere attitude is the only prerequisite.

You cannot mis-pray to your Daddy.Tweet this

Prayer should leave us empowered, recharged, forgiven, healed, restored and lighthearted, not feeling condemned or hopeless. Meeting with Jesus should be powerful. Powerful prayer is simple and focused. I love this quote from Before Amen:

When we invite God into our world, he walks in. He brings a host of gifts: joy, patience, resilience. Anxieties come, but they don’t stick. Fear surface but then depart. Regrets land on the windshield, but then comes the wiper of prayer.” ~ Max Lucado

Prayer is a two-way conversation we give to him thanksgiving, praise and problems. He gives us comfort, joy and grace (just to name a few.)

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Let 2015 be a year for you to accelerate into a deeper relationship with God. Before Amen is a great place to start. Based on Max’s “Pocket Prayer,” Before Amen will take you through nine simple, profoundly powerful truths about prayer.  The 100 pages of chapter sections is short enough for a busy mom to read in a week’s time but don’t let the length fool you. This book is backed with power. Before Amen has two additional sections: A 43 page study guide, designed to help you dig deeper into prayer, and Prayer Strengths. The latter explores the areas (attitudes) in prayer that we naturally lean toward because we’re more comfortable with them. Max’s writing, style is engaging, easy to understand and relevant for the real world. His stories and clever use of alliterations had me chuckling a few times all while nodding my head in agreement.

If you struggle with:

  • Find time to pray
  • Doubting the effectiveness of prayer
  • Trusting He hears you
  • Knowing you can hear from Him
  • Submitting totally to Him or,
  • Remembering to pray,

then you need a copy of Before Amen. The 21 words in Max’s Pocket Prayer get to the very heart of the matter. Prayer need not be complicated to be effective. I have found this book to be a wonderful reminder of the true power we have when we hit our knees and talk to our Father like we talk to a trusted friend. After all, “if God were only mighty, we would salute him. But since he is merciful and mighty, we can approach him.” ~ Max Lucado, Before Amen.


Don't suffer from small thoughts about God. He's much bigger than we can imagine.

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 What is you biggest struggle in prayer?



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  1. I struggle. I was a big intercession as a teenager, but a few years and tons of disappointment later, I approach prayer with this cynical attitude like, “why bother? God knows.” I’m turning that around this year, and this post was really helpful.

  2. “Prayer should leave us empowered, recharged, forgiven, healed, restored and lighthearted, not feeling condemned or hopeless.” Amen and Amen! I think when we don’t experience these things, it’s because we’re not being still and taking time. But then, that’s what this book is about, huh? Love your thoughts! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for this post. I love Max Lucado and am now even more excited about the upcoming book.

  4. You are a wonderful writer! I love this and I look forward to reading more of your blogs… well as Before Amen.

  5. I have read this book and it had changed my prayer life too. I struggle with being impatient too and as parents it can be hard. This is my prayer too!

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