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7 Benefits of Playing Music in the Home

What are the benefits of playing music in the home?

Even wonder if there are benefits of playing music in your home?

Me neither, it never really crossed my mind.  I have played music from time to time on and off during different season of my life, especially when I was a new Christian.  I love worship music and always have the radio on in the van but in the house it was just one of those things that I never really gave thought to.

I started playing music on the television or from my cloud player in the past few weeks and wow, what a difference it has made in the atmosphere in our home. Based on my personal observation and some research I think I’ll keep playing all kinds of music in our home.

Here are some benefits I’ve found to playing music in your house:

  1. Reduces Painstudies have shown that listening to music can help reduce pain.
  2. Lower Blood Pressure – an Italian study found that 30 minutes of music a day can potentially lower blood pressure as much as cutting back on iodized salt.
  3. Renews Your Mind – when I get a catchy tune in my head it will stick around for hours.  When the tune is positive and uplifting or praising the Lord it renews my mind.  ‘Cause let’s face it…some days it is tough to focus on the positive.
  4. Praise God – when there’s music playing I find it easier to thank Him for the ordinary things around me.
  5. Sets the atmosphere – worship and praise music playing in home has changed the atmosphere.  I can feel it when the music is playing.  There’s no place for negativity.
  6. Spiritual Warfare – Music can help us welcome the presence of God into our homes.  When light, God’s presence, is in our homes darkness, the enemy, must flee.
  7. Creates an open door to teach children about worship and be an example – I don’t know about you but I can’t help but lift my hands, dance and sometimes jump around when certain songs are on.  What a great example to our children to see us dancing, signing and praising God somewhere other than Sunday morning church?
  8. Changes the atmosphere/sets the mood – Not all music has to be stoic and worshipful. Grab a kid’s cd and let the little ones have a dance party. If they’re bouncing off the walls this is a great way to help them relieve that energy.
  9. More movement – The winter months here in PA are cold and sometimes we just need to find more ways to move. Putting in a catch Christian cd or Hopscotch Toddler Tunes is a great way to get in some exercise. We run laps in the living room at least three days a week.
  10. Cheap Entertainment – Nothing makes kids laugh like watching their mom or dad (or both) act silly. You can build memories and have fun without spending a ton of money or braving bad weather.

Our Favorite Songs and CDs


Our newest cd is Hopscotch Toddler Tunes. I love the songs, they are classics and so fun to sing and dance to (yes, even I sing along).  We even bought a second copy for my mom’s house because Wyatt loves it. I’m thinking of a third so we have one in the house and one in the car! At just under $4 through Family Christian the CD is reasonably priced which is why I don’t mind getting a few extra copies. I love that the songs are short and the arrangements are classic (the tunes I grew up singing).Hopscotch Kids- Toddler Tunes   -     By: Kids Choir

Love Ran Red – If you’re looking for a great worship album, Love Ran Red is perfect. You can read more about that album here.

Thrive! – Casting Crowns rocks it no matter what they sing (in my opinion).

Here are some other favorites:

WOW Worship 2014 Deluxe Edition

The Glorious Unfolding

Newsboys 3-Album Set

Top 25 Kids Praise Songs


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