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Summer Reading to Strengthen Your Financial Outlook

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Eighty percent of Americans read for pleasure and Summertime is a time of relaxing vacations, lawn chairs and good books. Not all books are simply for our entertainment though. While you’re enjoying vacation you don’t have to stop learning and growing. Reading good books will stretch us, grow us and keep us from getting stagnant in any area of life.

Summer reading to strengthen your financial outlook.

Biblical stewardship is one of my favorite topics. As a budget coach I see so many people who don’t understand basic stewardship principles. One key to a thriving life is understanding sound biblical stewardship principles.

When you hear money is the root of all evil consider the lies, destruction and selfish desires that go along with getting and spending money. We cannot survive this life on Earth without money but as Christians, we need to position ourselves to be students of God’s word concerning stewardship and then apply those principles to 21st century life. You won’t find a verse that reads “thou shall not buy a new vehicle or “thou shall have a monthly grocery budget not to exceed $400.” What you will find are principle, stories and directives for how we should not only mange but relate to money.

While you’re enjoying summer vacation gain more insight on your finances with some great books. Here are some tops picks you can pick up at Family Christian stores:

How to Manage Your Money, Larry Burkett – I’m working through this book as part of a study I’m doing with a young couple about to be engaged. In fact, any book by Larry Burkett is a solid read. You’ll see his name frequently on this list.


Family Financial Workbook, Larry Burkett – Another good book by Burkett. This book will walk you through setting up and maintaining a family budget.

Total Money Makeover, Dave Ramsey – Ramsey is another one of my favorite finance authors.

Smart Money Management, John Ramsey – we have to manage our money. It’s hand-on, it’s daily, it’s a lifestyle.

God’s Plan for Your Money, Derek Prince – Priced well at under $6.00, this is a good choice. If you want solid biblical foundations for understanding God’s view of money, this is it.


Complete Financial Guide for Young Couples, Larry Burkett – I’ve also been using this book with the young couple I’m doing study with and it’s a must-have for those starting out.

Smart Money, Smart Kids, Dave Ramsey & Rebecca Cruz – Dave and his daughter Rebecca team up to

Junior’s Adventures, Dave Ramsey – This set of children’s books is a great way to start the conversation of money management with your kids. Wyatt loves this set.


This summer, spend time learning about God’s design for sensible stewardship. It’s time well spent with lessons that will last over generations.


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What’s your favorite Christian finance book?


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