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Are You Prepared to Handle the Changes Coming to America?

They say we are no longer a Christian nation.

When I look at the actions many citizens, the govement, and the other branches of the government, I can see why. Even Christians can’t seem to figure out how to live out, articulate or act in a way that reflects Jesus Christ. We sling just as much mud, judgment, hate and criticism as the agnostic, atheist, homosexual or extremist beside us.

are you prepared for the coming storms

Sure we may not be blowing up buildings, or ourselves, as a means to get to Heaven but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that life and death are in the power of the tongue.  (Proverbs 18:21).

Are we using our tongues to bring death or life? Are we being little Christ’s; ambassadors of Jesus Christ in a foreign land?

Even if we are no longer a Christian nation that does not mean those who believe in Christ ought to stop behaving as Christians nor does it negate God’s power. Talk to anyone who has been on a missions trip to a foreign country. They see God move in miraculous ways even when the government doesn’t acknowledge God and the countrymen at large don’t know their Savior.

Moving Toward The Worst or Moving Toward the Best

A few Sundays ago our pastor started off the sermon with 4 possible scenarios that could play out in the years to come in this country. Here’s a brief look at them:

A toleration of Christians and non-Christians – this is the place where we keep doing our thing and they keep doing their thing and we sort of pretend not to notice each other. There will be flare ups of people that want Christianity removed further and resistance from some Christians from time to time but otherwise we’ll just coexist.

Cultural Christians will be content to put in their time at church, give an offering and lament about the world but not much will change either way.

Minor Persecution – Churches who don’t follow newly imposed laws could lose their tax exempt status and as a result, many churches will close. Cultural Christians who give more for the tax break than the honoring of God’s authority will stop giving and perhaps stop coming.

Pastors will be faced with watering down the Truth to line up with government standards or preach the truth and risk the establishment they preach in.

Major Persecution – Imprisonment for preaching the Truth that will be outlawed as “hate.” Complete intolerance for any Christian viewpoint, religious exemption or theological way of living will begin.

Cultural Christians will easily give up their faith to live a comfortable, secure life. This reminds me of how Poland welcome Hitler’s Nazi Germany into their land naïvely thinking He was going to liberate them when they had really made a deal with the devil. Jesus in jail or Satan in suburbia will be a real choice we face.

Revival – what if revival comes from this mess? What if those of us who hold fast to the word of God and are in tune with the Spirit see the next great revival? What if we become the true representation of love, restoration, healing and wholeness in the midst of a world that hate us?

What if we shine our light so bright those that hate us can’t help but wonder why we’re dancing in the streets?

Our Steadfast Response

How Should Christians Respond to Changes in America

No matter which scenario plays out we have a clear response that we cannot ignore. Many Christians have begun to ignore it already opting for a tit-for-tat, emotional response to issues we disagree with. Rather than turn inward and upward seeking a response worthy of our King we operate from our flesh thinking we’re doing “the right thing.”

What does our steadfast response look like? It’s a four-fold reflex that should be as natural as breathing:

We will not walk in fear, we will walk in faith.

Fear paralyzes, faith engages. We should not fear man, Satan or the government. We do not live in fear because we know Heaven’s rewards no matter what happens on Earth.

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.
~ 1 Tim1:7

We will not give in to hate, we will live out the fruit of the Spirit.

They will know us by our fruit. The world can call it hate when we speak Truth but they cannot call love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control hate. Speak blessings not curses.

We will not compromise the truth but we will speak it in love.

There will always be people who reject every word out of your mouth but at the end of the day, Truth still stands.  We must demonstrate to the world how God loves and moves by actively living out His truth in our personal lives and the corporate Church.

The challenge is remembering that those not in relationship with Christ are not going to live holy lives. We cannot hold them to something they do not have the capacity to understand. Until they surrender to Christ, Truth will seem hateful and disgusting.  We hold ourselves (the Church) to the truth and speak in Love to the Christian and the non-Christian.

We will not hide our light, we will boldly proclaim the Gospel of Truth.

We simply cannot hide under a rock. We are called to much more than that! How will those who do not know Christ find their way if we, Christ’s ambassadors on Earth, are hiding? Ultimately, we cannot reason someone to salvation nor can we love them to salvation; only the Holy Spirit can prick someone’s heart toward a desperate longing for Christ. We are merely beacons of light along the journey.

We cannot allow the circumstances of the country to dictate how we will behave as Christians. No matter what, we’ve got a powerful God who is not effected by law or popular opinion. We must hold fast to Him in these changing times. Be it revival or persecution, all is temporary and insignificant compared to Eternity with our Lord.

Are you prepared for what lies ahead?

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