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Shaped By God: Eating The Healthy Stuff

how to start eating more fruits and veggies

You would think as co-author of a veggie cookbook I would have this eating more fruits and veggies thing down. Truth is, I don’t.

I know I need to. I have the recipes. The bottom line, I need to commit.

This week in the Faithful Finishlines Program we focused on eating more fruits and veggies. As I searched myself and the why behind reaching for the chocolate not the cherries I realized I think less of fruit and veggies. I don’t look at them as a filling, ideal snack.

God desires us to eat the best foods possible. This looks different for every person. For me, it’s leaning toward a traditional/real food diet which should include lots of fruits and veggies. The variety of natural flavors and colors God has given us in fruits and veggies is amazing. We should feast on them and be thankful that rice cakes are the answer to eating healthy.

I need to figure out why I don’t gravitate toward them and then make an intentional decision to put down the pretzels and pick up the peaches. This will be a process for me, in the meantime I’ve been doing the following as a way to begin eating more fruits and veggies:

#1 – Smoothies

I L-O-V-E smoothies. I can pack them with fruits and even some veggies and not even notice. Toadally Primal Smoothies: 150 Nourishing Real Food Smoothie Recipes is one of my favorite smoothie recipe book.  This is a no frills ebook that is great for opening on your mobile device or your computer.  I’m also loving this date sweeten chocolate milkshake from Debra at Worth Cooking.

#2 – Road Trip Snacks

We’re on the go at least 3 times a week. I am making an effort to pack easy-carry fruits like bananas and clementines when we leave the house. I also pack homemade trail mix with raisins and sometimes other dried fruits in containers like this for traveling.

#3 – Prewash and Prep

I have found that I eating more fruits and veggies if I pre-wash them. When I want to “grab a snack” I don’t want wash and slice all the time. A covered bowl of washed and cut strawberries in the refrigerator is a time saver and no more work than opening a pretzel bag.

#4 – Dip!

So some dips aren’t the healthiest but just keepin it real, if I must eat a raw veggie it must be with dip.

 #5 – Add Eggs

Eggs are frequently requested food for breakfast and I’ve started adding veggies to my scrambled eggs and omelets.  My 40-Minute crustless quiche is another way to get in some early morning veggies.

#6 – Fermented Veggies

This is new territory for me. I am a student in GNOWFGLINS ecourse program where I’m sharpening my traditional food preparation skills. Fermented veggies are a big part of a traditional or real food diet. I have started a batch of fermented ginger carrots so we’ll see how they taste when they are done.

how to start eating more fruits and veggies

My Journey Update

My 30-day burpee challenge is going well. I’m up to 40 burpees a day. Okay, so the last 15 are a bit sloppy but I’m doing them none the less.  I am making an effort to drink more water, kombucha and water kefir and (slightly) less coffee. I have failed with Zumba this week and I must get back in the groove starting Sunday morning! I spanked my first pomegranate this week too. They are pretty tasty!

 One on One Help

This week as a participant in Faithful Finishlines I also had an opportunity to have a one on one Facebook chat with Sara and Jill, leaders of the program. Prior to the call I did a goal setting worksheet to hone in on the goals I want to achieve. It was nice to be able to chat with someone and analyze what I’m doing well and where I can make changes to best suit my needs and goals.

I’m off now to decide what fruits are going in my smoothie! Tell me, what is your favorite way to eat more fruits and veggies?

PS – As a bonus from now until January 31, 2015 The Veggie book is 40% off with the code FFLBLOGGERS.  Grab your copy here.

veggie book book style cover

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  1. You could put eggs AND veggies in those smoothies too! 🙂 Right now, I’m just using almond or raw milk with frozen mangos. Delish!

  2. I could have written this, well,except for the part about burpees. I don’t burpee. But I do mindlessly reach for other foods over the fresh fruit, which I really do like. Veggies are harder. I like vegetable soup and some cooked veggies, but raw, well not so much. I bought some V8’tomfrink on the days I don’t get in my veggies.

  3. I use hummus as dip, also you can make your own version of a ranch dip using non-flavored Greek yogurt, Olive oil, and seasoning – then it’s healthier! But I just add them to everything. Did you know you can shred carrots into ground beef or turkey? It can double the quantity of the meal and make it healthier!

  4. How are you enjoying the GNOWFGLINS course? I started lacto-fermenting fruits & veggies this summer & LOVE it!! I made pickled garlic, pickled carrots, pickled onions & watermelon rind pickles <– my favorite!! I fell off the veggie fermenting wagon a bit over the holidays but am excited to climb back on with dill pickles & garlic carrots! I have been fiddling around with milk & water kefir lately & am beginning my gluten free sourdough starter this month! Excited to hear more about your traditional food adventures!

    • Oh my I love the GNOWFGLINS ecourse! There is so much to learn and I love how humble and honest Wardee is in her teaching. It’s great because the lesson build upon each other to some degree but if you’re not into milk kefir (that’s me right now) you can skip it and not miss out. I did the entire Fundamentals I course, now I’m onto Fundamentals II and I skipped ahead to the Sourdough course since there was an entire lesson dedicated to spelt flour. I need to pickle carrots again too. Maybe today….maybe!

  5. Hi, Danielle,
    You mention that you are learning about fermenting 🙂 I am so glad you are! It is very easy, and I think the benefits to good mood and help getting over food allergies and Candida are worth it. I wrote this post for someone just starting out:
    Blessings to you this new week!

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