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Ebooks: Answering Your Questions

If you’re new to reading blogs you may or may not have heard of ebook bundles. If you’ve been around awhile I’m sure you have seen bundle sales pop up here and there.  Today I’m going to answer some questions I’ve gotten, many of which I too have asked.  


What is an ebook bundle?

Quickly for those who don’t know, an ebook bundle sale is where several authors get together to offer their ebooks in a package at, hopefully, a steal of a price.  Normally, you also find several “freebies” like coupons and free products from small and large businesses that fit the niche of the sale and the life style of many of the authors.

So why should I buy a bundle?

Buying a bundle has many benefits. First, you can end up with a wide range of books as a low cost. Also, if you check out the specials and freebies you may find stuff you know and love (bonus!) or find something that you’ve always wanted but haven’t had the chance to buy yet or afford to buy yet.

Why should I spend that much when I won’t read all the books?

I bought a bundle once because I wanted 4 of the 30+ things offered.

There were 4 books and a freebie that I had been wanting but just put off buying.  One of the books was selling for $19.95.  The price of the whole bundle was $39.00.  My point – do the math.  

If 3 or 4 books are something you have wanted or had your eye on you could save money on them.  Add up the cost of those books individually and if it’s more than the bundle price the bundle is a no brainer.

Also, consider the bundle as a library of resources.  I have a ton of printed cook books. I have never read through all of them, I have never made every recipe in a single book and I will probably do neither in the near future.  A collection of resources is where you can go when you need to reference something or the need arises to read about a topic.  Two years ago I never thought I’d need grain-free recipes but I have started referencing these books and dabble in making grain-free treats.

What if I have some of the books being sold?

As a veteran ebook buyer I am starting to run into this myself.  When I download the bundle, I put it in a folder called “Bundle XYZ.”  Once there, I compare that to my other folders of books and move any duplicates into a “duplicates” folder.  Why do I do this? Because duplicate books can be given away to others.  

One risk we ebook publishers take is that our book will get stolen.  Because it is a .pdf file many feel they can give it away over and over again to friends and family.  Unfortunately, this is stealing.  Just like a printed book, you bought one copy so either you have it or you give/loan it to a friend.  When they have it, you do not.  But if you buy a book as part of a bundle sale and you already have copy of it, then the duplicate is an actual second copy you can give away.  Some people get tripped up on that because they don’t want to steal but it is okay to gift your dups.

Speaking of gifts, is an ebook really a good gift?

So Aunt Ethel who is 85, doesn’t own a computer or know what “e” anything is will probably not appreciate a thumb drive with an ebook on it.

Someone like me, I have a wishlist of ebooks and if you told me you were giving me a $20.00 ebook I’ve had my eye on I would be happy and receptive.

Many people love books in print, but also don’t have room to house 40 or 50 or more books.  Ebooks are a good way to get books into their hands without having a dedicated library room.

Ebooks make great gifts. 

$40 might not sound like much to you, but to me it is.

I feel you.  When I have bought bundles in the past, before I was an author, my purchases were calculated and usually on the last day of the sale. Why? Because I had to do the math (see above), mull over the decision and then finally buy.  I don’t spend money lightly.

If money is a concern consider splitting the bundle with a friend.  If you’re past raising children but your friend has 2 under the age of 4 she can take the parenting/babies books, you can take the foodie books and you cans split or share the rest.


What questions do you have about ebook bundles? Do you love them or not so much?

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