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Encouraging Resources For the Times You Feel Like You’re Failing

Everyone goes though times when life is just crazy and stressful.  During these times the insignificant things can pile up and the important things fall to corners.  Physical and spiritual dust collects and magnifies our stress.  Even when it’s good stress, like moving to a new home, taking classes or having a baby, the little things you need to let go take a toll.

Encouragement for the hard times: A collection of resources

The devil is quick to magnify mistakes or shortcomings when you’re feeling stressed.  “I’m never going to get this.”  “I can’t do this.” “Why do I even bother.” “There’s no use trying any more.”  These thoughts echo in our heads and sometimes we begin to believe the lie.  No matter what’s going on in your life there is hope and encouragement.  I’ve put together a list of some great posts from awesome fellow bloggers to encourage you to stay on course and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus.

As you read these posts, let Holy Spirit speak to you and comfort you.  Let Him reassure you that you are not a failure. Life can feel like a struggle, but we have all we need in Christ to run the good race of faith.

Remember, your failures and short comings are an excuse, they’re a reason to shout.

Make the most of your “failures“.


It’s easy to feel like you’re failing when you have a vision of what the perfect home should look like and what a homemaker should do.  Not to mention the stuff you read that sounds like some women enjoy every moment, never get frustrated, never cry and never feel as if they’re messing up their kids.

Take time to glean wisdom from the older generation. It’s well worth it.

Natural/ Healthy Living

The world of healthy living and real food can seem like a lonely place.  Many times friends and family have differing food philosophies and sometimes we have spouses who aren’t interested in healthy living.  Beyond that, it’s hard to find things in common with people who are “opposite” of you but let’s not forget that we shouldn’t cast judgement or look down on our polar opposites, like home-birthing vs hospital birthing.

Sometimes illness takes a toll on you and frustration can set it.  But there are always lessons to be learned.  Sometimes it is the lessons we learn in times of illness or other struggles that we remember the best.

Faith and Jesus

Do you ever beat yourself up for not spending enough time with God?  Do you compare your time with your sisters’?  Stop that!  The Bible does not give us a specific amount of time we need to be spending each day with God.  That’s the beauty of having a secure, individual relationship with Him.  Only you know what is right for your relationship with Christ to thrive.

And quite time can seem like a fantasy island with little ones around.  This free family devotional planner will be a great asset.

When you do finally get some quiet time be sure you’re making the most of the precious time you have with God.

It’s important to remember that when you’re struggling you need to go to God.  Not for an answer but because God is not Google. Go to Him because He is the answer and in Him you can find rest.

Sometimes life gets busy and we need to make schedule adjustments.  We can’t be legalistic about going to church but we should want to go because we want to go.  Some question, is going to church necessary?  When we’re in the valley the support and prayers of others can be such a welcome relief.  It’s easy to compare yourself and separate yourself from others as you journey through life.  Remember, your who is not your do


Marriage is hard work.  The baggage we carry into our marriage mixes with the failed expectations we place on our imperfect spouse and we are left feeling hopeless and disillusioned.  But if your hope dies, the marriage follows behind quickly. It’s not his fault, it’s not your fault.  Marriage is a team effort – you, him, Christ.   Don’t let dying hope for a better marriage be the final straw.   Your marriage is sacred even if it’s not all you planned it to be.  *

Many couple struggle with having a joyful and fun sex life.  Sex can be fun and you can have an incredible sex life.

Also, creating a Marriage Vision Statement is a good way to set the tone for your marriage.


This is an area we’re struggling in right now.  I fight the feeling that I’m failing as a mom EVERY.DAY.  Some days I have to say out loud, “Devil, stop! I am not messing up my child!”  I pray over Wyatt and with Wyatt often when we do have a bad day and my impatience gets the best of me.

Remember, parenting is a learning process, we’re always learning…even from an olive tree we can learn.

Mommy Wars seem to be the thing – Breastfeeding moms look down on bottle feeding moms.  Working mothers feel superior to non-working mothers.  The list goes on.  Dear Moms, enough is enough.  Hit your knees and follow God’s call for your job as Mom.

Do you ever have days where you just know in the pit of your stomach you’re going to be a Grumpy Mama?  Me too. And what happens when you feel like you are failing and your child does something great?  Don’t be fooled and shamed into not saying something.  Make the most of your child’s great behavior. After all, there will be times when you find them annoying.

When life is busy and times are rough it’s so important to run to your Papa, the Creator of the world who knows your every struggle and sees every tear you cry.  It’s important too that you remember others around you are going through rough times.  You never know what someone else is thinking or going through.


* I believe marriage is holy and sacred; a gift from God meant to last a lifetime.  I also believe that if you are in an abusive marriage you must seek help.  Too many woman and even their children suffer life long spiritual, emotional or physical wounds by not separating (physically) from an abusive husband.  Some even die.  If you are in an abusive relationship please seek help. 

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