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My Biggest Problem with Essential Oils

My Biggest Issue With Essential Oils and Info You Need

There is so much information swirling the web about essential oils. Google “essential oils” and you’ll be flooded with misinformation, anecdotal information, strange information, true, lies and a free puppy.

Essential oils can be such a polarizing topic and if you’re new to using them there’s much information to wade through. Essential oils should not be used casually or carelessly. They are potent, powerful and sometimes problematic if used incorrectly. There are oils that should not be used on children, oil that cause sun sensitivity (phototoxic) and oils that can aid in healing many common ailments.

So how do you know what you should and shouldn’t do? How do you start and where is the real evidence for the benefit of essential oils in your home? My first stop would be Essential Oils, Separating Myth from Fact.

My Biggest Issue With Essential Oils

So what is my biggest issue with essential oils? Brand wars.

Ask a simple question about essential oils and 80% of the answers go something like this:

“You can make the grass turn purple with bubble gum essential oil!! But only astronaut-grade bubble gum essential oil. Don’t use any other kind! The only company that sells astronaut-grade essential oil is Do-Living-Natural-Frontier. It might cost $1,943 for 4 drops but hey, only the best!”


Not everything needs to cost an arm and a both legs to be quality and while most oil reps from multi-level marketing companies are well-meaning, some are misinformed, poorly trained and use anecdotal information.

I have seen reps cuss at each other, lie and put down other reps and companies and it’s just wrong. I attended a “class” where the rep encouraged peppermint oil directly in the mouth and orange oil as a water/tea flavoring.

We’re not talking about kitchen tools or tote bags. We’re talking about products that can potentially harm or heal. It elevates the responsibility of the companies, coaches, and reps to a whole new level. If you’re an MLM oil rep I don’t hate you. I hate that there’s such misinformation being unknowingly spread with good intentions.

Potent and power, essential oil deserve respect. 

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  1. paulette r nelson says:

    I’ve just started reading about essential oils & need to know more about what to do with them. There must be a better way than prescription drugs with all their side effects. I’m not in rested in making the drug companies richer. When a 3 month supply of a drug costs over a thousand dollars in this country & you go to Italy for the same drug it’s a couple of hundred or Canada it’s a couple of hundred for the same drug. It sounds like there is a lot of GREED for chemicals

    • Danielle says:

      Yes, I believe drug companies are all about the dollar, not the cure. Not saying every employee is that way but the company at large, yes. It’s another reason to know and understand natural treatments. I hope you’re able to watch the Summit and learn more!


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