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4 Reasons to Start Thinking About Next Christmas


Why you need to be thinking about next Christmas already!

Happy New Year!  Can you believe it, 2015 is upon us?

Do you know what you’re buying for Christmas next year?

Yes, you read that right.  No, this post isn’t accidentally published late, I really mean Christmas 2015.

Why on earth would I want you to think about Christmas when the your lights are still up and and all the needles haven’t fallen off your 2014 tree yet?

Your budget requires it.

Establishing a Christmas budget now is important.

The key to a successful budget is thinking and planning ahead. I too am tempted to tuck away the ornaments and lights, shove receipts in a box and forget about the commercial side of Christmas until at least October.

However, if you want to have a successful 2015 Christmas budget NOW is the perfect time to get started.  

Here’s why:

#1 – You’ve got fresh, relevant data.  You just finished shopping, hosting parties, traveling and baking.  How much did you spend?  Even if you don’t have every receipt there’s a better chance you can recall rough numbers no than trying to wait until July.

#2 – You have time.  If you spent $600 this past Chirstmas that means, if you start your 2015 savings envelope you have a full 12 months to save.  That’s $50 each month tucked aside for December 2015.  If you wait until July now you have to find an extra $100 a month.

#3 – Money saved means money saved.  Have you ever found something in June that you know would make the perfect Christmas gift for someone?  Did you buy it?  Did you actually have money budgeted or it or did you just buy it because it was an awesome deal on a great gift?  By starting your Christmas savings envelope now you’ll have money budgeted so when you find a bargain in the summer you can scoop it up without dipping into other areas of your budget or using a credit card.

#4 – Less stress, more focus.  Some people stand firm in their decision to not buy into the commercialization of Christmas and don’t buy gifts.  Personally, I believe we can buy gifts for those we love and still celebrate the birth of Christ.  When you have and stick with a Christmas budget as the holidays approach in late 2014 you can relax and focus on the birth of our Savior and feel less stressed about where you’re coming up with money to buy gifts.

To help you establish your 2014 Christmas budget you can use this free 2015 Christmas Budget Worksheet.

Christmas Budget worksheet

What’s your biggest pitfall in Christmas budgeting?


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  1. Great advice. I’m so tired of being broke at Christmas because I spend so much on Christmas presents and parties last minute. I was worrying about needing toothpaste because it just wasn’t in the budget because of all the Christmas expenses. Crazy! I need to do a better job of saving for 2014 so I can enjoy the season even more.

  2. Hi! Stopping by from the comment you posted on my blog (for quick access: I don’t know if it alerts you or not, but I replied.

    Anyways, I love the idea behind this post, but I wanted to add another idea too. We budget based on 4 paychecks every month. Well, four times a year, we get a fifth paycheck. We use one of those “extra” paychecks to pay for Christmas. Just another idea that works really well for us!

  3. Great post. I LOVE Christmas and find myself a bit depressed after it’s all over, however I found that starting to prep for the next one shortly after not only helps me get through the post-Xmas blues, but also makes me so much more organized come the next Christmas season that I actually get to enjoy it much more.
    On top of putting away $60 per month, I also take advantage of post-Christmas sales on things like bows, paper, bags, decor etc. You won’t save hundreds by doing this, but it certainly beats paying full price come November.
    I also like to do a reassessment of sorts the few days after Christmas. What worked? What could have been planned better? Is there anything I want to try next year decor-wise? Recipe-wise etc? I keep an ongoing email to myself of ideas to refer to come the next season. I find this helps me spend less on unnecessary items (ie: did I buy a bunch of chocolate to put in candy dishes which no one ended up eating? Did I try too elaborate of a recipe that required me spending money on baking supplies that I normally don’t carry?).
    I also force myself to come up with one gift idea and one stocking idea for immediate family members each month. They won’t be all gems, but at least come October/Nov I have a good list to choose from and that reduces the stress so much.

    • I love the reassessment idea Shannon. That’s a good way to avoid the same mistakes and improve on things in preplanning to make the season less stressful. Very good idea indeed!

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