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Shaped By God Part 1: My Journey Toward A Healthier Me Part 1

I’ve let myself go since before Thanksgiving. Eating a bit more than normal, straying from my real foods diet a bit too far. It shows in my hips. It’s time to get serious about being fit. Not just physically but spiritually as well. My goal is not have a perfect body and Lord knows I will never be the perfect wife, mother or friend. But I want to be shaped by God. I want to accelerate deeper into Him and into what He has called me to do. That includes my physical health.

Shaped By God: New and Faithful Beginnings

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be part of Faithful Finishlines, an online fitness community dedicated to help people achieve their fitness goals with grace, one step at a time. I was a bit intimidated when I signed up. I have no intentions or aspirations to run a 5K. I don’t run, unless being chased. I do, however, want to shed these 10 pounds I’ve gained since November and be able to run around in the yard with our son and not get out of breath. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard from other women in the private Facebook group that not everyone had run or wanted to run a 5K. Many were looking, like I, to get back into shape.

This week we’ve focused on tracking our food and I started exercising. Food tracking is an eye opening experience.

Why Track Your Food

As a budgeting coaching, one of the core details of spending within your means is know exactly where youre money is going. To do that, you track your expenses. It’s rather painless using Mvelopes but tracking food, that can be another matter. Many of the ladies in Faithful Finishlines are using an app or line tracker. I’m using two things: my daily planner – jotting down what I eat in the margin or email/text. A quick text or email from my phone right before I sit down to eat. This is great if you’re on the go too.

By tracking my food I can identify what I am eating, see where I’m over eating and also see where I’m lacking (like water and veggies). I’m excited to see how I look at the end of the week and the looking forward to making changes in the coming weeks.

Move It!

So I started my beloved Zumba DVD again. I’ve had the same DVD for 4 years and it is my favorite. It works well for me so long as I actually do it.  The accountability it the group is motivation for me. There’s grace and compassion but the gals are also there to celebrate when we do achieve a goal no matter how small.

Burpees For Me!

What’s a burpee you say? I didn’t know either until I came across a Pintrest pin on the 30 Day Purpee Challenge. Burpees are a great, simple exercise and let me say, after 15 the first day my abs were feelin’ it.  I found this video on how to do a burpee so check it out and maybe add it to your daily routine.  You can pray and burpee, do burpees with the kids, have a burpee challenge with your husband or do them during commerical breaks.  There’s a ton of ways to get a few burpees in each day!

So I’m starting my 7 week Faithful Finish Lines at 161-pounds and a snug size 12. My shirts, size medium are snug. While I do want to shed pounds if the scale doesn’t drop but my clothing bit better, even dropping a size in pants I’ll be thrilled.  Also, as we tackle food my goal is to resume a real food diet and expand my real food kitchen. More on that in a later week.

Won’t you join me in my journey? Let’s go deeper with God and allow him to shape us just the way he wants us to be.

What are you health and fitness goals for 2015?

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  1. I love your thought that you track your food for the same reason you track your expenses. That was a light bulb moment for me – it not about judgement; its about efficiency. Thanks for sharing Danielle. I’m looking forward to the rest of your series.

  2. I’m such a budget nerd it makes great sense to track food the same way. I have a friend who lost over 100 pounds (and has kept it off for many years now) by exercise and tracking food, and she says it’s all a numbers game! That, plus patience pays off. I appreciate your post and look forward to keeping up-to-date on your progress. Very motivating!

  3. I too love the food tracking comparison to budgeting. Totally on point. But girl, I am impressed with burpees! I don’t really enjoy running, but I would run any day over doing burpees. Good job! I look forward to taking this journey with you.

  4. Drinking more water, well, a bit more anyway. And spending time on the rebounder when I get up. I start small and do things in little pieces. 🙂 Reading a devotional that a friend gave me daily helps me get into the swing of a more regimented life as well. Working on it! You inspire me! <3

  5. Your site here is awesome. I will have to poke around. Love the way you have laid everything out. Welcome to the group. I was part of the Beta group and am in for the second round. I love it!
    Welcome aboard!

  6. I have definitely been learning a lot as I track my meals & snacks! I’ll probably keep that practice up through the rest of the month. And burpees! Mighty impressive 🙂 I only do burgers when forced lol!

  7. My goal is to run a 10K since I run a 5K twice a month. Lol. I love Zumba and I’m looking at becoming an instructor this year. Mainly I just want to do my best in every area of my life – and I know I won’t be perfect – but my body and my health deserve my best effort too.

  8. I LOVE your analogy of calories to budgeting. I like to think of it that I can eat any food I want (within reason — my goal is to eat a real foods diet as much as possible) but I have to save up for treats. Just like with a budget. That way I don’t feel deprived. I’m totally impressed with your burpees. I hate those darn things at classes at the gym. Let alone doing them at home on my own. Ack. Way to go! 🙂

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