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My Top 8 Stewardship Resources Recommendations

Having supporting resources for your journey into biblical stewardship can make all the difference in the world.  Each season of life brings with it a different facet of stewardship, from managing a single income to creating a budget for your married life to college tuition.

8 Financial Resources You Want to Know About

Below is a list of financial stewardship resources you may want to consider depending on the season of life you’re in.

Cash-Flow Your College – If you have kids headed to college or if you’re college-bound yourself, Kayla shows you how you can do it debt free.

Cash Flow Your College

Focus on the Family’s Managing Money page – Great resources to help you get a handle on dealing with your finances in a practical, Biblical way.

Mvelopes Budgeting – FREE software to mange your money.  This is the program we use and the program I help coach clients on.  The free version is a great tool if you can’t yet commit to the paid version with coaching.

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Financial Peace Junior – If you’ve got kiddos, this is a great way to introduce biblical stewardship to them.  It’s simple and straightforward.  I like that you can incorporate the entire program or just the basics of spend, save, give.

America’s Cheapest Family – My Aunt introduced me to this book a few years ago.  It’s what first prompted me to be strategic about my meal planning and grocery shopping.  In fact, I adopted Ms Economides’ approach to shopping only once per month.


Debt Free Living – Larry Burkett

Stacy Makes Cents – Between her sense of humor, her no-nonsense approach to things, her great posts like this one on budgeting and her husband’s book, From Debtor to Better, you can’t go wrong with Stacy.  Oh and PS – she’s got A-Mazing Crock Pot cookbooks, too!

Mastering Money in Your Marriage

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