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Young Girls Should Go To College, God Doesn’t Speak and A True Story

The very core of why I pour my heart into the posts on this site is my desire to encourage you to be who God has called you to be.  I want each of you to realize who God is and what His plans are for your life.  We serve one God; He’s the same yesterday, today and forever yet His purpose for us is as individual as our DNA.

Proof that following God's will won't look like the social norms we expect.

There’s a huge lie that plagues our youth.  That without college you cannot be successful or fulfill your purpose in life and do what you want to do. There is nothing wrong with college. What’s wrong is the pressure placed on our youth that without it they cannot be successful.Who is defining this success? God or man?  Does Go require a college degree so we can be used by Him or does He require a willing life, laid down at His feet willing to go wherever He calls?

There’s a huge lie that plagues some parts of the body of Christ. That God’s only method of communication to us is the Bible and dreams, visions and the prophetic are not from God. Even hearing from Him is considered false.  (I could go on about that but I’ll save it for another post.)


The post you are about to read is a story I know personally and proof that we can’t believe the lies above but most focus on our individual walk with Christ.  I have walked with this mom as she raised up her daughter to do what God was calling her to.  I  prayed for this mom as she offered up her daughter to go into the world and step into this calling.  I prayed over this child before she went and continue to pray for her now.

Even knowing the story so well, I cried this morning when I got a message from my dear friend Linda with the details.  I cried reading this blog post just moments ago.

If ever you doubt God’s greatness, read this story.

If ever you feel as though the world, and even people you love, are pulling you opposite of what God is showing you, read this story.

If ever you doubt that God is talking today, in this hour, in this century, read this story.

The Girl In The Pink Dress


When you’re done there, you can read part two here.

The Girl In The Pink Dress Part 2

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  1. People are silly. Of course people can have great lives without college. And yes, I wholeheartedly believe God speaks to people still. I talk with Him all the time.

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