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9 Secret PreK Homeschool Resources

If you’re homeschooling for pre-k chances are you fall into one of 3 categories:  Already Ready Already, Sorta Ready or I Know I’m Supposed to Do This But I Don’t Know Where To Start.

9 secret preschool homeschool resources

I flounder between the last two, on a minute by minute bases sometimes.  I’ve shared before my struggle between playing school and teaching.  Having some good resources on deck for when our son is curious about something or when I’m trying to tie together an experience with foundational learning helps me to feel less like I’m playing school and more like I’m fostering a life of learning.

When I started my homeschool journey I never considered blogs as a resource.  I mean, most blogs are opinion based so why would that be valuable in education, right?  Wrong.  There are hundreds of talented bloggers who not only homeschool their own but are gracious enough to share wonderful, free resource with those of us who aren’t so creative in what I call the “design of fun-zies” department.  Below you’ll find some blogs and some surprises but all are great free prek homeschool resources.


Prepare yourself to get lost in this site for hours.  There are so many great printables and posts full of ideas you cannot go wrong with 1+1+1=1.  Plus, there’s Where To Begin With Tot School – a free ebook to help get you started in tot learning.  I love Carisa’s preschool packs which make for great repetitious learning by the season or theme your child is interested in.

Gift of Curiosity

Another site full of printable packs that are great for little ones.  Katie from Gift of Curiosity offers exclusive free printable packs to her subscribers all throughout the year.  We just recently worked on some pages from the Ocean pack while we were on vacation.  It was a great way to pass some down time.  Since Wyatt is my little collector the Shell Activities with observation chart was a great sensory activity for vacation too.  I enjoy the arts and crafts section of Gift of Curiosity too.  I love doing crafts but I am not one to come up with them on my own.

Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool

If you desire detailed lesson plans than EP All in One is for you.  “Getting Ready 1” is a great place to start with PreK.  All of the guesswork and a great deal of the planning is take out of homeschool if you use Easy Peasy All in One.  There are detailed lessons for each day of the school year and tons of links for resources.

Intoxicated on Life

Trisha from Intoxicated on Life has amazing freebies for her subscribers.  You won’t be disappointed as a subscriber with the great things she offers from time to time.  She also works hard to offer other free resources to her readers.  She offers great articles of encouragement and idea for busy homeschooling moms.  Oh, and I cannot say enough about The Talk.  It’s a resource you need soon!

I Believe in Joy

Remember when you were little and you opened a box of  your favorite cereal and found a surprise toy?  A total win/win, right? Well, when I first came across Joy’s blog, I Believe in Joy, it was because of this cute daisy snack recipe. But, to sweeten the pot I also found great preschool lessons and awesome activity videos.  My favorite is Using an Abacus (because I admit, I got one for Wyatt but I have never used one…sad, I know.) Thanks to Joy I have an idea of how to use it when the time is right for Wyatt.


When Wyatt and Daddy were playing on the plastic slide Wyatt would run up the slide, slide down, run up again and then touch Daddy’s hand.  Can you guess what happened?  Static Electricity, that’s what.  Wyatt was intrigued and excited by this.  So to tie it all together, later that night I pulled up Youtube and searched “Prek static electricity” and we watched a video or two about how static electricity works.


I know, I know! Google, it’s not a secret! But honestly you can find super simple stuff with a quick Google search.  For example, we spend a great deal of time nature and bird watching in the fall and winter months.  We have deer that feast on apples in our back yard and we’re often watching them over breakfast.  To tie in some fun learning I Googled “whitetail deer coloring pages” and found simple, easy print buck, doe and fawn coloring pages.  Of course, this is only going to work for private use, you cannot copy and distribute things like this without permission.

Simply Charlotte Mason

Simply Charlotte Mason keeps me grounded.  It reminds me of what I should be focused on in these early years.  Wyatt loves dot-a-dot and tracing letters and so we do those things when he’s interested.  But more importantly, I want to lay a firm foundation of basic biblical and life principles.  I want him to form good habits and get learn that Jesus is ingrained in our every day lives.  I recall a principle I recently read in Is That Really You God by Loren Cunningham. Home should be a training ground for the rest of life.  It should be of no surprise to pray to find a missing ten dollar bill, for family to be healed of an illness or to thank God for the little things that make up our days.


Your turn, what is your favorite free prek homeschool resource?

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