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Unique Gift Ideas for Her Under $40

gifts under 40

Whether you’re married, courting or dating a unique Christmas gift for her is a great idea to show your love.  

If you can’t figure out what to get your her this Christmas here are a few unique, hand-made creations that she will enjoy but that won’t bust the Christmas budget.

Dellan Bottles

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Dellan bottles are a unique upcycled craft that is perfect as a center piece on the kitchen table or in the bed room to bring some flare to the dresser.  They can be customized in any color and come with or without a decorative flower or pick. (That’s the thing sticking out the top of the bottle).  Andrea can paint the bottle to match your house or your wife’s office colors.  Prices start at $15.00 plus tax and shipping.  **Through 12/2/13 you can buy 2 and get one free so don’t wait!


Angel Armor Jewelry

Inspired from a stain on the carpet, Angel Armor Jewelry was born from a vision from the Lord and designed to showcase the beauty of our God as we serve as Angels here on earth.  Each piece of Angel Armor Jewelry is a unique creation made with love.  All of the creations are made from sterling silver. Prices start at $28.00.

The small angel is a great piece for your daughter too.

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Cindy’s Cozy Covers

Cindy is a master at creating beautiful hand-crocheted gifts.  Besides adorable hats even adults can enjoy, Cindy makes scarves, pocket books, sandals and boot cuffs.   Boot cuffs a cute, inexpensive way to change-up an outfit (without buying a new pair of boots).  The cuff tucks in the boot with the top sticking out.  Prices vary so see Cindy’s page for details.

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Virtuous Woman Wife’s Pack

for her collage

Sometimes it’s hard to put it into words.  But that doesn’t mean she stops longing to hear it.  This gift set of 4 lip balms is the perfect way to show her that she is your one and only.  Each tube comes in a delicate sash so you can give them one at a time or all at once.  What a perfect little surprise in her lunch, on her car seat or next to her morning coffee.  Available in multiple flavors for $16.00. And this week, through Monday 12/2/13 you get 50% off ANYTHING in the store with the code CHRISTMAS2013! 




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