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*Pursuing Passion Series: God’s Opinion About Sex

Welcome to the second installment of the Pursuing Passion Series, a journey through the Passion Pursuit Bible Study. Last time we talked about the power we have as wives and the awesome example we have in scripture. Today we’re looking at God’s opinion on sex.

God's Opinion on Sex

Opinions are like underwear. Everyone has some, some are odd, some are too thin and often they change style over time.

There’s one opinion that doesn’t change with age, generation or style: God’s. You may not realize it but God has an opinion and it’s the one that counts. No, not about your underwear (well, maybe your underwear but that’s another post), God’s opinion about sex is Truth and we need to know, understand and adopt His opinion.

Surely, God’s People Have The Right Opinion

It would be nice to think that we can look back through the ages and see a stunning cohesion between God’s people in the area of sex, sexual intimacy and the husband-wife relationship.

Sadly, this isn’t the case.

Did you know that Saint Augustine said, “Nothing is so much to be shunned as sex relations.”?

“God created us with sexual passion so that there would be language to describe what it means to cleave to him in love and what it means to turn away from him to others.” ~ John Piper, Sex and the Supremacy of Christ

Is it any wonder we have wrong notions about sex? Which viewpoint is correct?

It seems that even the most religious of folk have differing opinions on sex. Maybe that’s the issue, too much religion, not enough relationship and intimate understanding of Christ and his relationship with the Church.

In Chapter 3 of the Passion Pursuit Bible Study we dug into our opinions about sex and discovered what God’s opinion really is.

Where did you get your opinion about sex? As we went around the group sharing where we first learned about sex it amazed me how many in this small group learned about sex and sexuality through television, movies, books and friends but very little positive was discovered in a Christian environment.

We don’t have to believe the opinions or others or even our own opinion. We can instead turn to God’s word and see what he thinks about sex. If our opinions line up, that’s awesome. If not, we have some work to do in our thought life.

God’s Opinion About Sex

In the week’s study we explored scriptures that led us to God’s truths about sex. In Song of Solomon we so much about sexual longing, innuendo, intimacy, desire and passion. God would not have inspired such poetic words if he didn’t care about sexuality.

You see, sex has a bigger picture than just procreation or a good time. Sex is a mystery of the relationship between Christ and the church. (See Ephesians 5:31,32)Sex is pleasurable and sex is holy. In the same sentence.

The moment we are experiencing the height of sexual pleasure we are painting a picture of the holy intimacy God desires with us. This deep uninhibited relationship is both physical and spiritual. This is why understanding God’s opinion about sex is so important.

Some of the opinions we discovered God has about sex were these:

  • Sex is meant to be enjoyed
  • Sex is important to the husband/wife relationship
  • Sex is more than physical
  • Sex is holy

Have you discovered God’s opinion about sex for yourself? I encourage you to turn to the Word. If you need something to jump start your study pick up a copy of Passion Pursuit and grab a friend. Do this study together or if you’re willing, start a Passion Pursuit study at your church.

Sex is

Cementing The Truth

It’s one thing to understand what the Bible says, it’s another thing to embrace that truth and make it your reality. Our perception often times becomes our reality but is not Truth (capital T) unless it lines up with God’s word. The best way to cement the truth is to get rid of wrong thinking. This is a daily, ongoing process.

It involves not just adopting God’s opinion but recognizing the lies you believe and learning to refute them with God’s truth. The enemy’s lies about our sexuality can be glaringly obvious or subtle. Lies like

  • I’m beyond redemption
  • God really doesn’t care about my sex life
  • I can handle this myself
  • Men can’t be trusted
  • Sex is just part of my marriage duty,

Will destroy your intimacy until they are exposed and replaced with truth.

What lies have you believed about your sexuality? I encourage you to take your opinions about sex to God and ask him to expose the lies. Search scripture to find the truth for you. Grab Passion Pursuit and study in depth what God’s word said about sex.


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