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Are You Really Hearing From God?

hearing from god

I mean really, you think you’re hearing from God??

God doesn’t speak to individuals, only to pastors and if He did he wouldn’t speak to you, you’re not good enough.

It wasn’t Him it was just you making stuff up. 

I don’t know about you but at one time I believed these lies. Like Eve, I questioned what God was saying, if I really heard Him and if He really cared to speak to me.

The truth is God longs to speak to us; He wants to speak to us and He is speaking to us.

Over the past 9 or 10 months I have really grown in the area of hearing from God and conversing with Him.  It has totally changed me, made be bolder and given me peace.  But it wasn’t always that way.  

I had a hard time hearing God for several reasons.

hearing from god

Knowing How to Listen to God

I didn’t know how to listen to God.  I thought the only way I would hear Him was by spending hours reading my bible and then it would all make sense.  Unfortunately, I’d read random scripture and it didn’t make sense.  I’d read, my mind would wander and I’d leave my reading time with no more understanding than before.

Or I’d pray and pray and talk for 15 minutes, not “hear” anything and go about my day.

I thought I had to log hours and hope He’d throw me a bone. I thought hearing from God was always a smack in the head kinda thing.

I wanted a relationship with Christ but I didn’t realize that this relationship I longed for was a two-way conversation.

In order to have a two-way conversation with anyone one of the participants must talk while the other listens.  Both parties are active – one actively speaking the other actively listening.  Both people can’t speak at the same time.  And Jesus, like the gentleman He is, most times isn’t going to interrupt. So when I would talked for 15 minutes when did I to be hearing from God?

In order to listen I had to be quiet. 

For me, quiet time means a quiet and attentive spirit, a quiet mind and most times a quiet house.  Early mornings work best for me. God is now showing me that I can hear around the noise too which is awesome.

Figuring Out How God Speaks

I had to figure out how God spoke to me.

Hearing from God will not always look the same. We are individuals seeking an individual relationship with God.

I would get discouraged because Sister Susie would get a download in the middle of the night and she’d wake up and write furiously what He was speaking to her.

I couldn’t even figure out what He was trying to tell me from a simple Bible verse! There had to be something wrong with me.

If you feel this way let me first say there is nothing wrong with you.

You need to figure out how the Lord speaks to you.  How did He wire you?

I had to ask myself what moved me to tears?

What stopped me in my tracks from time to time?

Why did I wake up with that “random” worship song in my head?

Reader Wendy from our Facebook discussion said she knows it’s God through recurring themes she sees.  Tammy said “Usually a sort of ‘nagging’ in my thoughts that just won’t go away.” 

God created all things and He can use all things to speak to us.  This includes nature, television, music, other people and even things and situations. Remember that God is described as a still, small voice (1 Kings 19:12)

Don’t discount the whispers you hear, it is likely you are hearing from God.

Knowing It Is God

This was hard for me.  How do I know it’s God for sure??

Well, luckily it’s only one of three things:

Me, God or the Devil.  If your’e a numbers kinda person you have a 33% chance of it being God.

Numbers aren’t good enough for me.

First off, we must be rooted and grounded in scripture and turn to the Bible and prayer when we get a word or hear something we are unsure of. If you hear “Go pray for that lady buying milk.” You need not run home to grab your Bible.

Remember that Satan is the father of lies and comes only to kill, steal and destroy.

Was what I just heard edifying, uplifting, encouraging or life giving? How does it line up with scripture?

Thankfully, before I learned the art of hearing from God I did learn to take my thoughts captive and learned that when I was bugged with thoughts that Brad would leave me that they were not from God.

Our own thoughts are often logical, reasoning thoughts. When we think we should always take it before the Lord and conform it to His word.   I still wonder what is me and what is God; I struggle sometimes with this.  But when I journal out these thoughts, pray about them and wait I usually get confirmation from another avenue that the thought was God or mine.

Do you struggle to believe that you really can hear from God?

I encourage you start today to be intent in listening for Him.  Evaluate how He speaks to you and ask Him to make His voice clear.  Don’t believe the misconception and outright lie that God isn’t speaking except through His word.  He wants a relationship with you and He dearly loves to have conversations with His children.

How does God speak to you or do you struggle to know you’re hearing from God?


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  1. I was appalled to learn that God really does speak to me. Yet there’s a whole lot of pressure in the church to not talk about it. I find myself “encoding” hearing from God with phrases like “His Spirit spoke to my spirit” and the like to remove any stigma from it. But I am oh-so-thankful He speaks to me.

    Listening is definitely a skill – one most of us aren’t good at with “in the flesh” people around us, so of course we’ll struggle with listening to God. It takes practice (time and effort), like you said, to differentiate between my voice, God’s voice, and the enemy’s. When evaluating a possible God-thought! I usually ask myself if I would think it on my own. Oftentimes, God-thoughts are at least slightly outside my comfort zone or not what I would instinctively choose to do. Lies from the enemy are more obvious, because they cause me to question my identity and purpose in Christ – they produce anxiety, not peace; shame, not confidence; burden, not rest. That’s my biggest litmus test for hearing from God.

  2. Was what I just heard edifying, uplifting, encouraging or life giving? How does it line up with scripture?
    You hit it right on the head. Once we know we can hear from God, we need to remember that everything we hear is not Him. For me, this is the ultimate test. God has shown us how to recognize Him and once we do, there is no limit to His depths.

  3. I find this area a little vague too, sometimes not being sure if it’s me or God. Like you, I’m big on taking every thought captive and holding it up to the truth, so it’s a little easier to discern which thoughts are from satan. Doesn’t mean they’re easy to dispel, but knowing where they come from is most of the battle won.
    I like your point about journaling, and how it ties in with what you said about how a conversation works. I think journaling is a way that both you and God can actually talk at once, and have it be productive. You’re writing your thoughts but God is right there, guiding you (if you invited Him). It’s a pretty cool way of working things out.

    Thanks for this post, it was a good start to my day!

    • Danielle says:

      Beth I’m glad this post blessed you. I journal just about every morning. The beautiful thing about journaling is that if you’re unsure that it is God you can pray about it plus you can go back days, weeks or month later and see if what He said has come to pass, bears witness or is has some how played out.


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