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4 Secrets You Need For Turbulent Times

I was given a copy of You’ll Get Through This from Family Christian for this review. All opinions are my own.

Hopefully you’ve heard it said that being a Christian doesn’t guarantee you an easy life. If no one warned you about that then perhaps you met this reality head on. The test results weren’t good, you never saw the other car coming, there was just no way to put out the fire or the budget just won’t balance no matter how hard you try. Or, maybe you’re a fairly new Christian and all is going well. Let me be the first to burst your bubble – life is not easy. There are turbulent times ahead. There’s also help for troubled times.

4 Secrets You Need To Get Over The Mountain

It’s all about preparation.

When you’re experiencing turbulent seasons of life there are 4 things you need.

  • Faith
  • Patience
  • Wisdom
  • Gratitude

Faith Holds You Together

I heard a story just the other day from a man whose wife had battled through cancer. He said when they got the news they sat together and cried, prayed and cried some more. He said suddenly she sat up, put her shoulders back and said, “I’m going to make it. I’m going to get through this. There is a reason on the other side of this season.” 

Faith allows you to face the uncertain future, knowing that with God all things work together for good for those called according to His purpose. God allows us to experience “negative” things but he does not allow the enemy to triumph.

Faith is the glue that holds you together when your brothers sell you into slavery
and your boss’s wife lies about you.

 Patience Doesn’t Mean Lack of Progress

If you’re a get ‘er done kind of person patience might not be your strongest character quality. It certainly isn’t mine. Nor is it my husband’s. He does not wait patiently at the doctor’s, the restaurant or waiting for the HVAC people to show up. For him, for us, waiting equals getting nothing done. It’s stagnant time, wasted time.

It can feel that way with God too. When you are waiting for God to deliver you, show you the next step, heal you or help you the waiting can feel like suffocation. I tend to want to jump in, often ahead of God, and get to work on solving the problem. The fault in that mentality is that we cannot see everything at hand. We see only a small glimpse and it’s a selfish one. We don’t know why the doctor is late, maybe saving someone’s life. God, however, is never late. His timing is perfect, ours is not.

Just because you’re on a shelf doesn’t mean God is. God is weaving together a tapestry of perfection – you are one patch on His quilt.  Patience means waiting well.

Patience is wisdom in the waiting.

Wisdom Keeps You From Stupid

Let’ just be honest – jumping head of God doesn’t make progress and it’s just plain stupid. Whatever you’re facing won’t fix itself and neither will you. Waiting on God to show you the steps to take or the words to say is wisdom.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Two wrongs don’t make a right,” and it’s true. One mistake, one act of bad judgement does not have to set the dominoes into action. You can hold your tongue, control your anger and squash your bitterness by turning to God and seeking godly counsel.

“One act of carnality is a poor exchange for a lifetime of lost legacy.”
~ Max Lucado, You’ll Get Through This

Gratitude Is a Lifestyle

To be able to look at your situation and see or believe for the best will get you far. It goes back to wisdom and faith. We serve a God who is good. If you allow Him, your life will not be a total wreck. It might not look like the life you planned or the one your mom dreamed of or the one your old high school friends approve of. In the end, none of that matters. Choose to see the silver lining. Look back on your blessings. Thank God for what was, what is and what is to come.

Satan wants nothing more than for you to focus on your current nightmare and forget the amazing things God has done in your life. He doesn’t want you looking forward to the other side of this mountain either.  He wants you stuck where you are.

The truth is this season will pass.  You need faith, patience, wisdom and gratitude to endure.

If you’re stuck in a season of troubled times or know someone who is I encourage you to pick up Max Lucado’s book You’ll Get Through This, Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times. Digging deep into Joseph’s life Lucado uncovers the stark reality of blow after blow along with the steadfastness of Joseph’s faith, patience, wisdom and gratitude.

You'll get through this. God is always in control.

You’ll Get Through This is also a great choice for your book club or Bible study group. The back of the book has reflection questions to help you walk through your season of struggle. As I read through this book I couldn’t help but remember the difficult times I’ve faced and how I can see God’s hand clearly working things out. It’s usually in hind-sight that we see His perfect plan but it gives me such reassurance that the next mountain may look different, but the mountain mover is still the same!

You’ll get through this. No matter what it is, God’s got your back.

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