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Homemade Raisin-Nut Clusters

raisin nut clusters

Sometimes forgetfulness pays off.  Last weekend I left a container of homemade trail mix in the car which resulted a melted mess.

But it got me thinking.  What if I chocolate-covered the trail mix and made candy.

So I did and the resulting homemade raisin-nut clusters were a hit.

This is so simple and took only 10 active minutes to make. The rest was refrigerator time.

Homemde Raisin-Nut Clusters

1/4 Cup chocolate chips or homemade chocolate (or carob) chips

1/4 Cup raisins

1/4 Cup Cashews, whole or pieces

1/4 Cup Peanuts, salted or honey roasted

In a small sauce pan melt chocolate on the lowest heat setting you have on the stove.  Pay close attention to the chocolate and stir frequently.  Add in the nuts and raisins and stir until all are covered.

Place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and allow to cool in the refrigerator or at room temperature.

Store in the refrigerator or a cool place.

Of course, any nuts will do but I think the honey roasted add a nice touch.


PS: This creation was courtesy of a small kitchen. If you have a small kitchen space check out this post and this one for some small kitchen inspiration!

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