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What I’m Doing For Homeschool Preschool

Yesterday I wrote about why I’m starting homeschool preschool in September with our 3 year old.  Today I’m going to show you what I plan on doing for homeschool preschool.

homeschool preschool curriculum

Formally Informal

First off, I have no illusions of him sitting contently for an hour tracing numbers and letter.  I don’t even have illusions of him sitting for 10 minutes doing that…at least not every day.

To him, the day won’t feel much different than any other day did before school started.

We will still make lunch together, feed the dogs and chickens, go for a walks, race cars in the hallway and play.  He will still spend time every day “playing quietly”, as I call it, which translates to him as “mom needs to get a few things done and I need to content myself.” This happens usually after breakfast and before dinner.

I don’t want him to have a bad perception of school, get burnt out young or think school is equivalent to boring work.

This year is about being informal out front with some formality behind the scenes……

The Difference

The biggest difference will be for me. I need to form the habit of seeing teachable moments now, at this age.  I know I’ve already missed a thousand teachable moments I don’t want to miss a million more.

Also, I am making myself be intentional about reading more books, singing ABC’s, pointing out colors and working with him on pronunciation of sounds.

I think I will keep an objectives list for myself. Not because I expect him to learn everything on it or to hold him accountable but to hold me accountable.

Like I said before, I need a trial run.


I do have a pre-k curriculum that I downloaded about 18 months ago that I’ll use as a guide for craft ideas and activities we can work on.  The curriculum focuses on a color, number, shape and 3-4 letters each month. It has simple stuff like stick “apple seeds” to  big red apple made of construction paper.  I’m not sticking to the curriculum but using it as a jumping off point to give me some ideas of crafty/learning things we can do when the time is right.

Pretty simple, pretty basic.

It’s called A-Z Toddler & Preschool Curriculum and I got it from Currclick.  What I like about them is anything you buy, even freebies stay available to you when you log in to your account so if you need additional copies, spill coffee on it, your computer crashes or whatever you can access them again without replaying.  There are plenty of freebie on Currclick too so if you’re a newbie to homeshooling I recommend you check them out.

Besides that, we’ll read a lot more than we do now.  Right now we read at naps and bedtime but I’ll bump that up to a few more books throughout the day.  He enjoys good books and has several favorite story books.

 Location, Location, Location

We set up a play area in our basement with some of Wyatt’s larger toys and his desk.  We also saved our old kitchen table which is down there too for crafts and messier projects.  I think it makes a perfect place to do messy crafts, glue, color and the like.  Ultimately, the basement/craft area will be where I think much work gets done.

*Update 2/20/14 – The desk came upstairs.  Wyatt loves to paint and so we’ve moved his desk to the kitchen so he can paint while I’m making dinner or cleaning.  

Of course, reading is best done in a comfy chair with warm light.

Starting homeschool preschool is more to help me be intentional about incorporating learning into the every day and less about logging school hours or days taught at this time.  

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