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Cut Kitchen Cost By Staying Organized

kitchen organization tips

No matter your food and diet philosophy kitchen expense is one of the biggest budget busters I see.

Being organized is an easy way to cut costs. For me, being organized is like therapy.  I feel accomplished and at peace when things are organized.  But I realize organization does not come that easily to others so here are a few ideas on staying organized to save money.  Here are some kitchen organization tips.

Keeping a Food Inventory

Have you ever found 5 bottles of salad dressing on your shelf? Maybe 3 opened bags of frozen corn in the freezer?  When you know what you have you know what you don’t need.  Having a food inventory is a good way to reduce spending.  I’m preaching to the choir here.  I just found 2 jars of honey that I didn’t realize I had on the shelf.

A food inventory doesn’t have to be complicated.  A simple sheet of paper hung on the front of your refrigerator, freezer and inside the pantry door is all you need.  If you’re not sure where to begin or don’t feel like creating anything from scratch you can find pre-made food inventory lists from my affiliate partner List Planit.  I love Jennifer’s lists.  There are Hundreds of Lists to Put Your World in Order on her site both printable and accessible online.

Like with Like

If inventorying isn’t your thing at least keep like stuff together.  Try to arrange your pantry or cupboards so that all of your same or similar items are together.  This way you know you have 2 ketchups and you don’t keep buying more.  (Like I do sometimes) :/

Organizing Bulk Purchases

At my local bulk/natural foods store I can buy everything from Allspice to Vanilla and Almonds to Xylitol.  If you buy in bulk where you bag and measure yourself or where stuff comes in bags you’ll want to store it differently in your kitchen.  First, bags are not the best to preserve freshness or keep pests away.

I recommend glass jars for storage.  They are free (or cheap), easy to arrange and easy to see not only what you have but how much you have. How are they free?  If you buy spaghetti sauce, pickles, salsa or anything else that comes in glass save the jars. Free dry-goods storage! It doesn’t get any better than free.  Also, you can pick up jars at yard sales, flea markets and estate sales on the cheap. Our last score was a box of 25 decorative jars for $2.00.  That’s 8-cents a jar.

I bought these labels you see below (affiliate link) from Amazon and this chalk pen from (affiliate link) Amazon too.  They work great on the jars.

If you use pickle jars you can get the pickle smell out by using some vinegar and baking soda (show the kids the “volcano” effect). Let that sit overnight and then run it through the dishwasher or hand wash it.  Smell should be gone after that. 

Keep an Ongoing Grocery List

My sister in-law keeps the week’s grocery list hanging on the refrigerator.  Everyone in the family knows that when they use up the last of something or take the last new box, bag or can off the shelf they write it down on the store list.  This saves her time for running around checking every place where goods are stored and ensures that (most of the time) used up things get replaced.

Staying organized can help you cut costs by reducing unnecessary buying.  It may time a bit of time to organize and residual time to stay organized but in the long run the time will be more well spent than the extra money if you’re looking to reduce your grocery budget.

Find Pintrest Inspiration

I admit, I don’t hang out on Pintrest very often but I know there are some awesome ideas for organizing on there.  Just search “pantry organization” and you’ll find lots of visual inspiration. Some times all it takes is inspiration to spark your creative juices.  Keep in mind though, you don’t have to attain “Pintrest Perfection” to be organized and functional.

spice drawer

This is my recent “therapy session” – a newly organized spice drawer.  My labels aren’t Pintrest perfect, my jars don’t all matching and there’s fish food laying on top the thyme but it works for me!

Another great way to stay organized is with List Planit. I can’t recommend List Planit enough if you struggle with ways to keep your life organized.

What is your best kitchen organization tip?



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  1. Putting labels on the jars looks really nice but sometimes I’m in a hurry and here’s what I do. I write with a sharpie pen directly on the jar. It wipes off easily if you want to put something different in it.

    • You’ll see a few jars in that picture with Sharpie on them 🙂 And yes, even though they are “permanent” markers they do wipe off pretty easily.

  2. What the heck is katcup?

    • LOL I don’t know what a katcup is (??) was supposed to be ketchup but somehow got butchered and spell-check didn’t catch it! Thanks for saying something!


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