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Learning Fun: 5 Cool Learning Games for Preschoolers

Games fore Preschoolers

One thing we can count on when there is a family gathering in our house is game time. No matter if it’s a holiday event or a big sporting event on television we always end up playing games. The adults like 500 and ImagineIf but with a preschooler in the mix we’ve added some new games. Learning games for preschoolers is a great way to combine fun with learning and right now these games serve as part of our “school day.”

Fun and Learning

The added benefit of game time, which happens about once a day in our home, is the learning. I have found some great learning games that our son enjoys.

Here are our favorites:

Triominos – I am lucky to get great hand me downs from a veteran homeschooling mama at our church. From awesome new nature books to workbooks and games it’s like Christmas when Beth says she has “stuff” for me. She gave us this kid’s version or Triominos that has numbers and animals on it. There’s also a simple color match version as well. This game can be as simple as helping with matching skills and more complex as your child grows to include strategic thinking from one move to the next.






Leapfrog Alphabet Go Fish and Math Rummy – We haven’t started the match rummy yet but the Alphabet Go Fish is great for learning letters and sounds. Since Wyatt has a bit of an articulation delay we practice his sounds while we are playing. It’s just another opportunity to expose him to proper sounds and letter recognition.





Sorry! – Yes, the classic Sorry! board game is a family favorite. Wyatt has gone from counting while we move his piece to counting squares himself. This is a great one to one correspondence and strategy. Plus, he is a boy so any opportunity to “Bam” another player and send them home is cause to celebrate. Our son has figured out how to think through who he should “bam” to give him the best chance at getting home. (It’s usually me.) We are still using the game I got as a child. It survived my wild and crazy years and a house fire!



Playing Sorry

Even baby Jesus got it on the action at Christmas time.


Zingo – Never heard of it? Me neither until it entered our game collection as a birthday gift. Zingo is a spin on Bingo that helps teach memory, concentration, image and vocabulary recognition and matching. You can play with as little as two players and you don’t need a dedicated bingo caller. The dispenser shows 2 tiles at a time that you call out if you need them. I like they way the tiles are laid out because as we begin reading and recognizing words we can show only the words (instead of word and picture) to encourage reading.





Spot It! – A game of visual perception, Spot it! is an awesome game for campers and car rides. It’s small, just a tin or coast-size cards but it is fun for the whole family. There’s even a special Spot It! On the Road edition too.

Games are a great way to bring the family together and added learning for the little ones is a bonus. It says ages 7 and up but our 4 year old is pretty good at it so don’t let the age recommendation scare you off.



Combining learning with family time can be done outside or in. These learning games for preschoolers are a great way to encourage learning and have fun.


What are your favorite learning games?

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