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Dear Graduate, Let The Journey Begin (And A Giveaway)

I received a copy of Let The Journey Begin from Family Christian for this review. All opinions are my own.

Graduation from high school or university is both scary and exciting.

Some of you are looking ahead to the bright future with certainty, passion and exuberance. Others are terrified at what lies ahead. The routine of life is changing. No matter the number of years, school offers routine, consistency and a set of guidelines while adult life seems to be a foreign land with new rules and regulations.

dear graduate let the journey begin

Some of you will excel in their chosen path. Others will realize you were wrong and change course. Sadly, some of you will lose your way all together.

Eighteen years ago when I graduated high school I could not wait to leave those halls and finally be an adult who set her own rules, ran her own race and answered to herself. I was tired of following someone else’s idea of the right way.

If I never read another book, never wrote another essay and never again put my name in the upper right-hand corner of the page it would suit me just fine. I hated the institution, I hated the canned learning. I despised being told that I needed Social Studies and Wood Shop for “the real world.”

Would you be surprised when I say I loved to learn? I took college prep, got 1 failing grade (on my 10th grade geometry midterm), was consistently on the distinguished honor roll and was a 2-year member of the National Honor Society and the Secretary of the FFA (Future Farmers of America, now known as the National FFA Organization).

What I hated was being under someone else’s thumb. Most of my teachers were not leading and guiding us out of love and a passion for teaching and building up youth. It was their job, not their passion. Perhaps in their younger years they were passionate. Perhaps if they knew Christ they would have been passionate. But I saw passion in only a handful of the estimated 40 teachers I had from Kindergarten to 12th grade.

Like those teachers, many of you walking the stage over the next few weeks will lose your passion. You’ll pursue worldly dreams, someone else’s idea of success and the approval of parents, old teachers and your friends.

At the core of living a successful life filled with passion is knowing God and His will.

Knowing God’s will requires that we know God. Knowing God requires us to know His word, spend time with Him regularly and make choices every day that put Him first, us second.

Dear graduate your journey awaits!

Let The Journey Begin

The journey ahead of you into this uncharted territory of college or “the real world” may get rough at times. New friends, new routine and new places can sometimes leave you feeling lost. It’s good to have something to hold on to. Encouraging words to keep you focused and help you find the best God has for you.

Your path will not be like your friends or your family. It may look nothing like what you’ve planned. But God has a plan and his plan is perfect. As you begin this journey ground yourself in God’s word and good resources.

Many unknowns lie ahead but on this you can be sure, God is with you every step. 

There are many unknowns in life but God is with you

Let The Journey Begin by Max Lucado is a perfect gift to yourself or a suggested gift for your graduation party. As always, Max Lucado’s way with words is both encouraging and powerful. This little book is packed with scriptures and excerpts from some of Max’s best selling books and it’s made just for you. The size is perfect for your pocketbook or under the seat of your truck.

The reads are short – just one page each with a scripture or short quote on the opposing page. I’ts not necessarily a devotional book but worth reading each day to keep you going in the right direction.

There’s also a section in the back for writing out goals, both short term and long term and another place to write out your favorite scriptures. *If you’re giving this book as a gift, this section would be perfect for writing words of wisdom to the graduate!

I want you to have a copy of this great little book. That’s why I’m holding this giveaway for a $25 Family Christian Appreciation Certificate. I want to bless one lucky reader with a chance to grab this or any other fabulous Family Christian merchandise.

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  1. My best graduation advice is from a song-always remember that you are a child of the One True King!

  2. My best advice: make God #1 in your life.

    • Danielle says:

      I wish I’d have known that. It took me about six or eight years after graduation to finally get it!

  3. Debi Schuhow says:

    Your career choice is not as important as the choice to follow God wherever He leads you.

  4. Follow your heart! I was unsure about moving away from home for college, but it ended up being the best decision I could have made.

  5. Stephanie Phelps says:

    My best advice as they move from graduation is to remember who you are.

  6. Samantha says:

    Dream big and work hard!

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