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Making the Most of Mommy Free Time

Making the most of mommy free time

Imagine yourself with three hours of uninterrupted time alone. The children are safely on an outing with Daddy or Grandma.  The dishes and laundry are all finished and put away. (Okay, so that one is a stretch.)

Now image the 200 things you want to do swirling around in your head to the point where you’re so flabbergasted with what to do that you end up floundering around doing next to nothing.

What if you could harness those thoughts, mental To Do Lists and “some time” projects and turn them into actual results when you have Mommy Free Time?

making the most of mommy free time

I’m excited to be working with Sara from Your Thriving Family on her weekly series Making the Most.  This week, I’m taking Mommy Free Time……join me there for more on how to utilize your time and grab your free printable too!


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