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Misconceptions: The Working Mom

misconceptions of working mothers

This is installment four of a multi-post series on the misconceptions of women.  Everywhere we look we see women in roles or seasons of life that get stereotypically categorized as this or that. Perhaps you are one of these women or perhaps you have never stopped to understand these women.  This series is meant to expel some of those stereotypes and give you a different perspective of women who sometimes get a blanket judgement.  

Last year I had the privilege of guest posting for Gail at The Imperfect Housewife.  I love Gail’s heart and her honesty at not  being the perfect “Stepford Wife.”

I was, and still am, fed up with the notion that all mothers who work outside the home think their jobs are more important that or trump the needs of their children.  That our houses and husbands are neglected and our children are lacking love and support.

What mental picture do you draw when you hear “working mother” or see a mother working outside the home?

Think on that a moment and then follow me to The Imperfect Housewife to take a peek into my daily routine.

It may surprise you.


You can glean insight into the lives of a pastor’s wife, a public school mom and a homeschool mom in the rest of this series.

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