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9 More Ways to Reduce Your Utility Bills

We know that small foxes can spoil the vine, but on the flip side, small changes can bring big results.  None of these tips alone will leads to thousands of dollars saved, but by combining them, you could potentially save a thousand dollars a year or more.

9 More Ways to Save On Your Monthly Bills

1. Line Dry Your Clothing – On average, it costs $117 (using a cost of  9.8-cents per KWh) a year to dry your clothing in an electric dryer.   Hang ’em up and save a bit.

2. Cancel the Land Line – The average rate of landline service is $50.00 per year.  Ours ran us $36.00 and we ditched it.  We still have a dsl line for our internet which does allow calls to 911 so in the event of an emergency anyone in the house can call for help.  

3. Keep Your Hands off the Thermostat – No matter if you have a programmable thermostat or a standard one, you need to set it and forget it.  If you’ve got the programmable kind, set it for your family’s wake/home/away/sleep schedule and let it be.  If you’re using a standard one, get in the habit of turning it up or down at a set time of day, and tell the rest of the family to keep their hands off.

4. Wash in Cold Water – Washing in hot water can use as much as 96% more power than cold water.  Save hot water washing for extremely dirty things but try to wash a majority of your things in cold water.

5. Open the Curtains and Turn Off the Lights – If you’re blessed with lots of windows in your home, fling those curtains open and let the light in.  In the winter you can do this all day long, but in the summer, open them in the early morning or late evening, but close them during the day to save money on cooling costs.

6. Ditch Cable or Satellite – Did you know that for less than $23.00 per month you can get Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and Netflix?  Yeah. This is on my list of things to do considering we pay over $100.00 a month for Dish Network and their “wonderful” Hopper service with a billion channels we never watch.  Why? Just so we can get the 5 channels we do like to watch for live sports and western movies. (I scream inside every month when I pay this bill, trust me.)  Here’s a great article from Forbes on television solutions to cable or satellite.  

7. Unplug Electronic Devices – Be sure you are unplugging unused gaming devices, heaters or anything else not being used.  Many devices draw power even when not “on”.  Also, turn off your computer at night and if you’ve got a laptop unplug it as often as you can.

8. Set Water Heater Temperature Back a Few Degrees – If you have an older water heater, you can save as much as 6% for every 10 degrees you lower your temperature.

9. Shop for Your Electricity or Gas – In roughly 30 states, there is some form of deregulation on natural gas or electricity.  This means you can choose your electric or natural gas supplier and are not bound to your local utility company.  You do not need new meters or gas lines run into your home in order to switch companies.  

The best way to know if you are really saving money is a good system to track your expenses.  I recommend Mvelopes budgeting and the Money 4 Life Program.  Mvelopes allows you to easily track and report all of your expenses. Plus, you can get monthly one-on-one coaching, so you can get your finances in order and learn the best ways for your family to save money and get out of debt.

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