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How Washing My Hair Changed the Way I Eat: My Journey to Real Food

real food journey I rarely ever gave thought to what I ate before 2010.

I hated vegetables, used margarine, ate at fast food joints regularly and didn’t even know what raw milk was.  (Seriously, raw milk, never realized there was such a thing.) Then, one Saturday morning in January 2010, I had a revelation of sorts.  While shampooing my hair with my favorite dollar bottle of shampoo, I had this thought: “Every single thing I put in and on my body is affecting this helpless, dependent life inside me.”

Less than 24 hours before this shampooing incident I had found out I was pregnant. Everyone says “children change your life forever,” and most times they mean it from a selfish “you-will-never-do-anything-you-want-to-do-ever-again” perspective (which, by the way, is totally untrue.) But for me, our precious little guy changed more than just my To Do list. This child was totally helpless and dependent on me for all of his needs.  What I ate… what I applied to my skin… almost all of it could affect him.

Perhaps this thought was so profound because I was born with a non-genetic cleft lip and palate.  Presumably because my mom’s doctor told her she was not pregnant and gave her hormones to induce her period. I used to wonder if I would have not had a cleft had mom not been given hormones, but that’s only for God to know.  Anyway, I didn’t want anything I was eating, drinking, ingesting or wearing to negatively impact our son’s growth and development. A month or so later, my dear friend sent me an article on feeding babies.  This article was the introduction to my newfound love of eating – Real Food.

Simple really, this idea that we should eat food in its natural state, but to me it was profound.  I started devouring blogs and books about real food, paleo, WAPF, raw milk, and the list goes on.  I realized that there was so much I thought I knew about food, but that I had wrong. It wasn’t an easy process to change the way I ate.  First, I had to change my mindset about food, and there were days when I felt like nothing I was doing was good enough.  I finally realized that I had to do what God was calling me to do in my life and not compare myself to those around me (physically or online).

If you’re unsure what kind of food you should be eating, I encourage you to research and read as much as you can, but don’t get overwhelmed.  Take it baby step by baby step with God leading you all the way.  Paul said everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial so be sure you’re tuned in to what God wants you to do.


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  1. It is so true that it is important to educate ourselves, but not get overwhelmed or stressed out. I find that when I do too much reading, I get anxiety over not doing enough. Eating healthy is an important issue, but we need to temper it with faith and grace. Thanks for the reminder!

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