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A Moment of Finality, A Moment of New Beginngs

I received a copy of On Calvary’s Hill from Family Christian for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

It was a remarkable moment, one I shall never forget. The gravity of what had taken place didn’t strike me until much later. At first it was a fairy tale but perhaps that isn’t the best description. It was more a mixture of horror and glory all in one.

A moment of finality, a moment of new beginnings.

Easter: A Moment of finality, a moment of new beginngs

In 2012 an out of control car crashed landing three feet from our home.  Flames erupted from the Ford as our neighbors tried to extinguish the blaze with a garden hose and few shovels of sand but it was too late.  The fire jumped to our house and within minutes our den, bedroom and attic were a fiery inferno.

Some might say we live in the middle of nowhere but that’s really not the case. It may take 25 minutes to get to Wal-Mart but we have two fire stations within 5 miles. Thankfully so. Within 35 minutes the fire was out, the sirens were off and the fire fighters were heading home. Family and friends who where first on the scene began making phone calls, digging through debris and care for our two beagles, Sadie and Walter who were scared and dirty but otherwise unharmed.

You see, we were ten hours away, in Tennessee enjoying a week of camping and NASCAR racing. If you’ve ever gotten “that call” you know how helpless you feel when you realize your world is crashing down and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Surprisingly, this time in my life is not the moment my life changed forever. That season of our lives serves as a reminder, a piece of the mosaic that we call life. It changed our lives for sure yet long before that another moment of finality and new beginnings changes our life forever.

Long before you and I drew our first breath things changed.  2000 years ago life as you and I now know was able to happen. The final pieces of Jesus’ mosaic masterpiece were falling into place on Calvary’s hill..

A moment of finality, a moment of new beginnings.

Our salvation, our relationship all hinged on two very important moments that happened just three days apart. A saint dying a sinner’s death and a King conquering the grave have changed our lives forever. Without those two precious and priceless events we could never experience the restoration power of Christ in our broken and sad lives.

Oh we can try hard but it’s useless, like a garden hose on a house fire but we cannot make our sins go away. We cannot wash ourselves white enough to be worthy of standing in God’s presence. And we don’t have to. On Calvery’s Hill it was done for us.

A moment of finality, a moment of new beginnings.

The events leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion, burial and resurrection are beautiful and powerful, sad and joyous. From Mary’s extravagant gift of pure nard to Thomas’ famous moment of doubt, the extravagant love and amazing plan for salvation pours forth like refreshing water on a hot day.

 A Moment of Finality

 “‘It is finished.”

Stop and listen. Can you imagine the cry from the cross? The sky is dark.

The other two victims are moaning. The jeering mouths are silent Perhaps there is thunder. Perhaps there is weeping Perhaps there is silence. Then Jesus draws in a deep breath, pushes his feet down on that Roman nail, and cries, “It is finished!”‘ ~ Max Lucado, On Calvary’s Hill

There have been a few moments in my life where I remember thinking, “I’m watching history being made.” The Challenger crash, the falling of the Berlin Wal, the OJ Simpson trial, 9-11; all moments I knew I was witnessing a change in the world.

Can you imagine being there? Witnessing that moment of historic proportions? Would you have known? Would you have believed?

New Beginnings

Three days later.

Just another day to many, but to some, still a day of mourning their Lord who was ripped from them. We’re lucky I think. We know the end of the chapter. We know the way the week ends.

They did not. Can you imagine……

Think of Mary, alone at the tomb to expecting to see Jesus’ body swollen and gory after three days.

“‘Miriam,” he said softly, “surprise!”

Mary was shocked. It’s not often you hear your name spoken by an eternal tongue. But when she did, she recognized it. And when she did, she responded correctly. She worshiped him.” ~ Max Lucado, On Calvary’s Hill

Immerse yourself in the final days of Jesus

Immerse Yourself

We cannot go back to these times. We can only imagine what it was like. I encourage you to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Easter week and Resurrection Sunday. On Calvary’s Hill is a great book that will help you meditate on the beauty and mystery of the Easter season.

Max Lucado’s pocket-size book On Calvary’s Hill is a compilation of some of the best writings from Max’s other books creating word pictures that almost transport you to this magnificent time and place. I have never been to Israel but after reading through On Calvary’s Hill several times if I close my eyes I can feel the ground shake at the moment of finality and hear the Earth rejoice the moment it’s Lord conquered the grave.

On Calvary's Hill #maxlucado

The short chapters are great to read during meal times and devotions. Max’s writing style is truly a gift that transports you into the scenes that happened so long ago in a place foreign to many of us. I think this book would be an excellent introduction book for someone who is new to the Christian faith with the straightforward, vivid details of a time and place of finality and new beginnings.


Tell me, what does Easter week mean to you?

On Calvary's Hill: 40 Readings for the Easter Season



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