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Changing Lanes: Practical Changes For Overcome Sexual Impurity

Sexually purity means more than waiting until the veil goes back to have sexual intercourse. Sexual purity and integrity reach broad into many areas of your life like roots of a firmly established tree. If you’ve been living a sexually impure life how can you change? Is it too late? Will you ever be able to be pure and walk with integrity again?

Practical changes for sexual purity

My friend, you can change. It is never too late and you can walk, with your head held high, knowing your God has washed you clean.

Overcoming sexual purity is not just a spiritual experience. It will require you to face facts and make some tough decisions. When the Lord walked me through the restoration process from my past I had to dig deep and make some changes. You will too.  Here are some things you may consider doing:

Change The Scene

Take a look at the landscape of your life. Where are you spending your time? Are they places that make it easier or harder to live a sexually pure life? What books are you reading? What movies are in your Netflix queue? What TV shows are on your favorites list? Are they encouraging you or making it harder to commit to the change God is calling you to?  There are so many ways we have been infiltrated by improper sexual behavior that we don’t even realize it. Change your scene  so you can change your life.


Friends and even family may be holding you back. It is never easy to let go of friends and it is even harder to remove family from your life. But if you were a newly recovering alcoholic, would it be wise of you to hang out with your friend who drinks a bottle of Jim Beam every weekend? This issue, for you, is no different. Don’t alienate your friends and family, try to invite them into the new life you’re creating by doing different things together but at the end of the day, if they can’t respect your decisions or they are negatively influencing you, they may need to be put on time out.

Get A Mentor/Accountability Partner

Having a trusted mentor who you can talk to about your clothing and prayer with you as you change your life is such a valuable resource. Find a trusted lady from your church or another church body and ask them to cover you in prayer and help you walk out your restoration and healing.

Unlike It

Who is popping up in your Instagram and Twitter feed? You may dig the latest housewife celebs or pop culture icons, but how are they influencing your thinking about how you dress and act? When you trying to make a change you need positive influences, even in your social media.

Filter It

If erotica or porn is part of the trap you’ve found yourself in there are some great online filtering systems you can use to keep your screen time on the up and up. offers a monitoring software that alerts your real-life accountability partners of any questionable sites you’ve visited. It works on many operating systems, including iOS and Android. Best of all, while there is paid version you can start now for free.

Covenant Eyes is another fine choice for online accountability and filtering.

You are not alone in your struggles. Changing lanes from impurity and immodest behavior to sexual integrity will not be easy. Make no mistake, your biggest cheerleader is God. He is so please that you have realized what needs to change. He will lead you into all truth, including the truth of biblical sexual behavior in the bedroom and beyond. He will tug on your heart and show you what needs to change.




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  1. Love it! Love the tools!

  2. Great tips! It’s not always a matter of just “try harder” but take real action steps.


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