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What Can Paleo Do For You? A Review of Step by Step Paleo

This is an objective review of Step by Step Paleo.  I received a copy of Step by Step Paleo in exchange for my review.

Are you looking for sustained weight loss, increased energy, clearer skin or better mental clarity?  Maybe your looking to naturally reduce your allergies or improve your glucose tolerance.  

The Paleo diet philosophy may be right for you.  These are all things people following the paleo diet say they’ve seen as a result of their diet change.

How can I say this when we are not hardcore Paleo followers?  We aren’t hardcore any-diet followers.  My philosophy is to eat real, whole food made by the Lord not by man.  I can say this because I firmly believe there is no one-size-fits-all diet philosophy for everyone but everyone can benefit from a diet with less processed frankenfoods.

So when Ruth from Paleo Diet Basics approached me to review Step by Step Paleo I was intrigued for two reasons.


First, I wanted to know more about the thought process of the Paleo diet philosophy and secondly I liked the idea of learning one step at at time rather than yet another ebook to put on my Kindle and never read through.  Since Ruth offers both formats, all at once or weekly email Step by Step Paleo is great no matter what your reading preference.

If you’re exploring paleo and looking to begin the transition than Step by Step Paleo is definitely for you.  The weekly format lets you ease into the changes that might be necessary plus each week there are missions to accomplish to keep you on track for that week’s topic.  


Is Step by Step Paleo for the Non-Paleo family?

As I mentioned, we are not a paleo family in the strictest sense but we do mostly subscribe to a real food diet.  Before my whole food revelation we ate the standard American diet of boxed foods and packaged “stuff.”  I can’t stress enough that whatever diet philosophy you choose you need to educate yourself about what is in our food and what processed food does to our temples, our bodies. So why grab a copy of Step by Step Paleo?  Here’s why: Knowledge!  Ruth has packed this book/series with great information regarding the food we eat in general.  For example, week 8 discuss the do’s and don’ts of dairy with information on the best dairy you can drink if you are a milk drinker. Healthy alternatives!  Just like Ruth, I believe any diet change is a process.  If you glean one piece of information from her book like using a healthier sweetener option you’re one step further.  You see, it’s all the little things that add up to lasting results when we’re looking to make major changes in life no matter if it’s food, finances or our walk with Christ.

Probably my favorite statement in the entire collection of 12 weeks:

“Not every organic product is good, and not every non-organic product is bad.”
~ Ruth Almon

Whatever diet choices you make common sense and reality is key.  In Week 12: Kitchen Clean Up Ruth guides you through your kitchen in to remove all non-paleo foods.  Again, even if you’re not eating totally paleo this is still a great step.  If you can’t pronounce it or wouldn’t add it in if making something from scratch it probably isn’t good for you or necessary. Don’t get discouraged looking at the food in your cabinets.  Take it step by step, day by day and make one change at at time.  Unless someone in your home has life threatening allergies trashing your entire pantry is not practical and certainly not cost effective.

If you are considering a transition to healthier eating I whole-heatedly recommend Step by Step Paleo as a resource to learn from and a diet option to consider.

If you’re looking for more Paleo information check out Paleo Diet Basics.


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