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*If You Dare: The Riskiest Gift You Must Give This Christmas

The Riskiest Gift You Should Give

We haven’t even made it to Thanksgiving but all around us Christmas seems to be in full swing.  Retailers are posting Black Friday Preview Sales, decor and more fill the stores and some of us have already begun shopping.

As you make your list and check it twice I dare you to give a priceless gift to a perfect stranger. 

This gift won’t cost you money only your time, but you won’t have to sacrifice hours only your pride.  You won’t have to overcome crowds to get it, you’ll have to overcome your fear.

What gift makes you spend so little yet risk so much?

It’s the gift that comes as the result of a child born to die.

It’s a gift that could have an eternal impact on another and yet leave them with nothing in-hand.

Giving the gift if prayer to a stranger is the best thing you can do for them this Christmas season.

During this busy season I challenge you, no I dare you, to step out of your comfort zone and exercise your right as a child of God to pray for someone.

Taking The Risk

I know how risky it is to pray for someone you don’t know.  I’ve been there.  Sweaty palms, dry mouth, the trembling feeling inside. Yet, deep down, you know you need to do it.  I once felt led to pray for a woman at the grocery store.  I stalked her for 4 isles until I got up the courage to approach her. In the end she not only received my prayer but was very thankful because she had an issue weighing on her regarding her daughter’s health.

I also know how it feels to be turned down when you offer to pray for someone. You wonder if you missed God or if you said the wrong thing. God honors our obedience in stepping out in faith regardless of the other person’s reaction.

There are lots of things we risk as Christians, our pride should be one of them. Don’t concern yourself with what you’ll say, let the Lord lead you.  Don’t worry if you’re rejected, the other person might not be ready yet, but you have planted a seed in offering.

Effectively Praying for Others

You need to understand that praying for others has little to do with you, a bit more to do with them and everything to do with God. When we reach past our fears and reach into the lives of others we are worshiping God.  

 Key #1 – Effect prayer for others starts at home.

When you’re praying for a stranger you want be sure you are hearing properly for God. You need to be tuned into God and the only way for that to happen is to continually work on your relationship with Him.

 Key #2 – See the Person not the Prospect of Prayer

This one is hard sometimes. When you find someone you feel led to pray for it’s easy to get focused only on the act of praying. Remember, you’re are talking to a person. Genuinely hear what they are saying to you.

Key #3 – Talk and Wait for God

If you have the time, hold a short conversation with the person. There are times when the Lord will say, “Go pray for them now,”  and there might not be time for conversation. Other times you have an opportunity to talk, perhaps to the gal waiting behind you in a massive checkout line. Strike up a conversation and see if the Lord leads you to pray for her.  If nothing else, you’ve blessed her just by being friendly.

Key #4 – Have Tact and Respect

Always respect the other person’s time, feelings and space. Ask if you can pray for them and if you are comfortable laying a hand on someone always ask if it’s okay with them. I watched our pastor pray for a gentleman while we were volunteer at our local apple festival and the conversation was very relaxed and respectful. The gentleman was talking about an ailment he had and Pastor said something like this, “At our church, we are encouraged to pray for those who need healing.  Would it be okay if I said a prayer for you?” The man agreed and a short prayer, 30-45 seconds was offered up for the man’s healing.  We don’t need full-on deliverance prayers every time we pray for someone. Flashy $5.00 words won’t make the prayer any more effective.


Don’t let this holiday season pass you buy without the opportunity to show Christ’s love to someone who you may never see again. It’s a risky gift, are you willing to give it?

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  1. I love this! My work with pregnant women and women who are in the post-partum period has really stretched me beyond what I thought I was comfortable with. I’ve actually prayed outloud with women I don’t know very well, quite a shocking thing for me. God has definitely stretched and grown my faith these past eight months.

  2. Thank you for this inspiration. I once prayed for someone on the side of the road. It’s WAY out of my comfort zone, but I did it. It took me a while to gather the courage. The lady was so thankful and even came to tears. The Lord knows who needs it when and I love that he gives us courage to be His vessel!

  3. This is a wonderful challenge. I’ve tried at times to be more open to praying for people, have a long way to go in pushing myself out of my comfort zone.


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