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10 Rainy Day Resources & Activities for Preschoolers

rainy day resources and activities for preschoolers

Board games 

I admit, I have to be in the right frame of mind to play games sometimes but even when the laundry is calling my name I can easily get engrossed in games, fun ones, for as long as Wyatt will stand it. Sometimes that is 15 minutes, other times almost an hour. Here are five of our favorite games.

Paint & Paper

A smock, a roll of paper and washable paint. Painting is a great way to foster creativity and imagination in children. His Jonah and the Whale rendition gave us a chance to talk through the story and lessons we can learn from Jonah while painting. Get your painting supplies here.



Hover Ball

We got a Hover Ball for Christmas and it’s pretty neat. It really does glide across floors, even carpet. Of course it doesn’t actually hover but it is a fun hallway or basement activity for rainy days.

Blankets & Clothes Pins

FORTS!! I loved building blanket forts when I was a child. It always seems to take longer to build them then to play in them but nonetheless, they are entertaining.


Baking cookies was one of my favorite things with my mom. Now, as a mom I love exploring the kitchen and watching Wyatt learn as we bake cookies. Some of our favorites are chocolate chips, homemade Laurabars (that we sometimes turn into Lauraballs) and sugar thins. Keep a stash of ingredients on hand for your family’s favorite cookies so when the rain comes, you’ve got what you need.

laura bar with water makr

Active Games

Some games require no set up or small pieces. Games like red light/green light or hot/cold are simple easy to play.


There is power is simple cardboard box. For a child with a growing imagination it can be just about anything. We have made forts, boats, cars, surfboards and more with a cardboard box and some imagination.

Plastic Jugs

This jug toss is nearly free to make and with a ping pong ball it’s perfect for inside.

Soap Crayons  

Sometimes a bath can be not just fun for the kids but a necessary break for mom. You know, so you can clean the bathroom or put away laundry). These soap crayons are easy-peasy! I recommend these for colorant.

Hammer Time!

Hammering is fun for little ones.  This neat idea is great for teaching coordination and occupying a little bit of time.


What are you favorite rainy (or snowy) kid activities?

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