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Surrendering To Lust: Has Your Church Been Infiltrated?

Ladies, we have been infiltrated.

Surrendered to Lust  - The Church as Been Infiltrated


Many women in the church have succumb to the lie of lust wrapped in pretty words with a luring promise of escaping reality, being cherished and protected and feeling sexually alive.  

It is a freeing thing to be released and healed from your sins.  I have walked through healing of my own sexual sins so it is without judgement but from a sincere desire to see healing come that I write this post.

When Family Christian offered up reviews of Pulling Back the Shades I signed up as fast as I could.  It  wasn’t because I wanted a free copy, I had already read, no devoured, the book months earlier.  It was because I see how well the enemy has infiltrated the church with seemingly harmless novels and I have seen the damage it has done.

The enemy has gotten a grip on many women in the church leading them astray and helping them reason out why erotica is harmless.  We dismiss it as “not pornography” and “harmless reading” when in reality it is making us numb to truth and distracting us from our first love.

Pulling Back the Shades is a must read no matter if you have read erotica or not.

Dannah Gresh and Dr. Julie Slattery take turns writing in their own style through this 165 page book to dig deep into the heart of a women who don’t understand they door they have opened when they take in such books like 50 Shades of Grey.

It’s time for women of the church to stop sitting pretty and start warring.  We cannot sit passively by while our sisters are being drug into chains behind closed doors under the guise of a harmless book.  I can’t say enough about Pulling Back the Shades.  It is an insightful book that will open your eyes to what is going on behind the pages of erotica. This book is also a call to action. Once you know the truth it is hard to sit back and say or do nothing.  Gresh and Slattery will inspire you to speak out with love about erotica and the church.

Some of my favorite quotes from the book are these:

the problem with erotica


“We are on a slippery slope when we let culture, our intuition, our schools, and our psychologists tell uswhat is right and wrong.”
~ Dr. Julie Slattery

“Your sexuality was never meant to be separate from your deepest spiritual and relational longings but to be an expression of them.”
~ Dr. Julie Slattery

Erotica can do many things for you, none of which are worthy of a women who is God’s daughter.  You deserve more than thoughts and mental images that lead you to less satisfaction instead of sexual fulfillment.


Be sure to check out the Pulling Back the Shades website for resources and information.


If you’ve never heard of Family Christian it is a great online (and possibly) local resource for all your Christian needs.  From books and movies to Bibles and apparel you can find great deals at Family Christian. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter. Their Pintrest boards are also great resources too.



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