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What I Did When I Couldn’t Breastfeed

raw goat milk formula

I had an awful time breastfeeding. Even after lactation consultant calls, pumping, fenugreek and a whole host of other things it just was not happening.

I had never entertained the idea of not breastfeeding. It was a shock to realize that I was not going to be able to nurse my son for a year like I’d planned.

I tried commercial formula but it didn’t seem right.  Even the organic powdered formula made Wyatt constipated within a day of using it. My sister in-law suggested goat milk and I found a local, reputable supplier who sold raw goal milk.  The gal at the farm even had a recipe for making raw goat milk formula.

I am not sure of the original source of this recipe.

Staged Raw Goat Milk Formula

original source unknown, adapted from recipe received from Caprine Delight

This formula is staged based on the age of the child.  Pick up wherever you need to based on your child’s age.

Day 1 through 3 – Provide a good source of colostrum. If at all possible, breast feed these three days.

Day 4 through 7 – 2 part goat milk, 1 part colostrum, 1 part distilled water

Week 2 to month 3 – 

1 gallon raw goat milk

1/2 tsp unsulhured black-strap molasses

800 mcg folic acid (1 capsule full)

400 I.U. vitamin E (1 softgel full)

1/16 tsp vitamin C powder (with a strength of 2,000 mg per tsp)

Mix together and shake or stir well.  Store in the refrigerator.

In the first and last bottles of the day add the following after the bottle is warmed

5 drops Flax Oil

5 drops Cod Liver Oil

Month 3 to Month 6

Same as above except increase Vitamin C to 1/4 tsp. In the first and last bottle, increase the flax to 10 drops and cod liver oil to 10 drops

Month 6 to 12

Increase cod and flax oils to 1 tsp for morning and evening bottle.

After 1 Year

Raw goat milk can be consumed along side a healthy, real food diet or you can choose to switch to raw cow’s milk.

A few notes from our personal experience

I breastfed what I could and supplemented with this formula for about 3 months.  At that point the roles reversed and I was using more formula than breast milk until month seven when I stopped breastfeeding altogether.

Wyatt would develop a bit of a red bottom (not rash, just red irritated around his anus) if he had too much vitamin C.  Since our goat milk came in half gallons I would add Vitamin C to ever other half gallon.

Be sure to keep cod liver and flax oils stored in the refrigerator.

Buy your goat milk in bulk and freeze it.  The farm we bought from was only 30 minutes away but we still only went every 2 weeks.  We would buy enough for 2 weeks and freeze it.  I’d thaw it in the refrigerator, add the above ingredients and then keep it in the refrigerator.  You can also premix and freeze.  We did this when Wyatt was three months old and we flew to Florida.  I mixed three half gallons, froze them and they traveled the whole way frozen inside my suite case in a soft-sided flexi-cooler.

Nursing can be a difficult thing.  For me, the guilt I placed on myself for not living up to my own expectations was immense. At one point, I told Brad I wasn’t cut out to be a mom and that I wanted to give up.  This was probably week 3 and about the time when I realized that I was not going to be able to breastfeed exclusively.

If you are struggling with breastfeeding please do not loose heart!  Breast is best in most cases (depending on your diet and/or necessary medication)but, please do not measure your success as a mother solely on your ability to breastfeed. There are healthy alternatives to store bought formula and your child will still thrive.  

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  1. I am excited to share this with some of my friends who have expressed a need for a store bought formula alternative. Thanks!


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