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Reasoning Your Way Out of a Relationship with Jesus

God made us in His image yet sometimes I wonder why He gave us the ability to reason ourselves out of relationship with Him.

It seems counter-productive. Create us, give us everything we need and then let us talk ourselves right out of it.  But truthfully, our reasoning minds do not need to take us further from Christ, rather they should enhance our relationship with Him.

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The other day on Facebook I posed the question “When did you realize there was a difference between religion and relationship?”  One sweet reader said that college ruined her relational angle with The Lord because study came to mean the same as it does when we study math, history or other subjects.

Have you been there?  I have.

When I was a young Christian I went to the local Christian bookstore to get a bible.  I got a bible, a carrying case, tabbers (love the tabbers!) and specialized highlighters.  I was ready to study!  And in my reasoning mind I knew how to study, after all, this Distinguished Honor Roll, National Honor Society Member didn’t get those awards by slacking in the study department.

I quickly became disillusioned with studying the bible.  I was maybe memorizing a few things but most of it still seems foreign, didn’t make much sense, except the Gospels, and really didn’t do much for me in this whole “be closer to God” thing people talked about.

That was over 12 years ago and unbeknownst to me I really didn’t “get it” until last year.  Finally, I understand that there’s more to learning about God than what we humans call “study.”

We can be so wrapped up with memorizing scripture, learning bible stories and remembering names that there is no room left for relationship.  We read scripture, trying to reason what the writer meant and we forget to ask God what He meant when He inspired it.

I firmly believe that there is more to studying God’s word.  There is a relationship with Christ that needs to be grown.  We are three-part beings.  God made us this way and all three parts are equally important in our relationship with Him and the study of His word.  

We must engage our spirits to connect with the Holy Spirit. This will give us revelation that our reasoning minds cannot come up with.  It amazes me when I sit and spend time with Jesus, in the spirit, because I’ll get revelation on something that I “knew” with my head but never really knew.  Real knowing it having personal revelation in your spirit of something your mind thinks it knows.  In other words, as my friend Linda put it, “The world may call what your mind has, intuition. Like your spirit has the whole truth and your mind may have a piece of it.”

You must recognize that your soul (mind, will, emotions) knows only in part.  Our finite minds cannot fathom the mysteries of Heaven. Your spirit, which has direct communication with the Holy Spirit and the Throne Room or God, can reveal to you more while you’re on the earth.  We still see through the glass dimly but we see much more through the eyes of our heart, our spirit, than we do our reasoning mind.

Don’t misunderstand, scripture study with the mind is not a bad thing, but our minds can very easily be reasoned out of seeking a relationship if we read or study other things.  This is why engaging our spirit is so important to keeping the relationship with God front and center in our lives.

So I pose this question to you,

Do you know how to have a relationship with Jesus or do you find yourself studying like a 12th grader for an upcoming test?


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  1. We are told in 1 Peter 2:2, “Be like newborn babies, always thirsty for the pure spiritual milk, so that by drinking it you may grow up and be saved.” As we study the Bible it gets inside of us in the way that Colossians 3:16 describes: “Christ’s message in all its richness must live in your hearts.” Just as food has to get inside our bodies to give us strength, God’s Word has to get inside our spirits to cause us to grow spiritually. Only when we feed our spirits with the rich nourishment of the Word will we grow spiritually.


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