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5 Secrets to Stop Unnecessary Spending

Everyone from the chronic over spender to the family living modestly on a single income is still looking for ways to spend less these days.

Wit the uncertain times we live in the less we spend means the more we can save and give and use to pay down any debts we have.

So how do we spend less?  Unnecessary spending is like a leak that just won’t quit.  It seems small but after awhile the leak ruins everything around it.

There are many ways to cut costs around your home and in your budget but cutting cost is different from sending less.  Spending less is about not buying rather than simply buying less. Buying less or cutting costs refers to things that are necessities  and things that can be streamlined or saved on.  What I’m talking about here is actually not making a purchase even though you really, really, really want to.

This time of year especially it’s hard to stay in budget.  Every where you turn it seems there’s a bigger better deal and a another avenue for you to spend money.

Here are 5 secrets to spending less money:

Secret #1 – Sales, Sales Everywhere! But Do They Fit Your Budget?

All around us there are sales for Christmas.  Buy this get that, 75% off, limited time only, hurry! Even I have specials of my lip balm from time to time.  Sales might be wonderful but if you don’t need it or it isn’t on your list to buy for someone don’t buy it!  A sale is only good when you’re in the market for that particular item.  Otherwise you’re spending unnecessarily.

If you find a sale you can’t refuse ask yourself:

Will this item make good gift for someone on my list?  Then replace the item already on your list with the sale item but don’t buy both

Is this item in my budget?

Do I have money saved for this item?

Almost everything goes on sale multiple times per year so resist the emotional urge to buy.

Secret #2 – Emotional Purchases – A Sure-fire Budget Buster

If you get a thrill from the hunt for a bargain or you the holiday shopping crowds excite you than you need to be sure you’re keeping your emotions in check.  Ask the Lord to help you calm your emotions before you shop.  Put the item in your cart if you must but think about it.  Really think and pray about the item while you in the store.  Do you need it? Its is a gift?  Is breaking the budget worth the thrill of the purchase?

Secret #3 – Spend Cash Only

When you had to the mall to shop take cash.  If you have a $400 Christmas budget than withdraw $400 cash.  That is all you have to spend.  It’s so easy to use your debit card an end up over sending in any budget category but the biggest are groceries, eating out and gifts.   When you have the cash in-hand and you watch it leave your hand it make the expense all the more real.  Plastic sometimes seem surreal even if it is a debit card not a credit card.

Secret #4 – Shop Online With Prepaid

I hate crowds so shopping online is my favorite way to shop.  If you’re an online shopper get yourself a prepaid card.  It’s the same principle as shopping with cash at the stores.

Secret #5 – Count Your Blessings, Not Your Friends’

Just last week Wyatt was disappointed that he didn’t get to see the cows at the dairy.  He was so upset that he forgot he had a special treat in his hand, a milkshake, something we rarely get while we’re at the dairy.  Sadly, this disappointment doesn’t go away with age.  The “Keeping Up With the Joneses” Syndrome is a killer.  Ask the Lord why you feel you need to have what they have.  There’s a root issue there that keeps your focus on what you don’t have rather than allowing you to see the blessings of what you do have.  Focus on what you do have not what your friends’ have.

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