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Shaped By God: Having A Cheering Section Because We All Need Encouragement

We’re wrapping up week three of the Faithful Finish Lines Challenge and I’m so impressed by the lay out of this program and the ongoing support and encouragement that is available.

Shaped By God: Having a Cheering Section

We all need encouragement from time to time. No matter how determined we are or how focused we stay there are days when the mountain seems too high, the ocean seems to wide and the will to push on is hanging by a thread. I have another small accountability group I’m in, just a few friends who decided we’d cheer each other on in our eating, sleeping and exercise habits. One lovely lady broke down this week and shared a struggle she’s dealt with for several years. It was another reminder that we cannot run this race (the 5k or life) alone. We need brothers and sisters in Christ to walk beside us, push us and sometimes drag us forward.

It’s ironic that I can blog about my deepest emotions and scars yet in real life I’m rather quiet about who I share things with. Having a cheering section doesn’t mean you need to tell shout from every social media outlet everything you’ve done. It’s better to have the genuine support of a small group of people than update all of Facebook with everything you do. Don’t force someone to be your cheerleader.

What if you don’t have a cheering section?

What if your family and friends think your latest adventure, cause or campaign is a joke. It’s hard to stand alone in a room full of people.

For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.” ~ Isaiah 41:13

Be encouraged. You are never alone! You have no better cheering section than Heaven. I think we forget that God does care about the little stuff. He wants us to be healthy; body, soul and spirit. He dwells in us, why would he want us to be unhealthy? When I get discouraged about meeting a goal or mad at myself for have a lousy food day, it helps to remember that God is not after a Sports Illustrated cover. He’s definition of success is a heart that is surrendered, a heart that is willinng. Willing to be shaped by Him in all areas of life, spiritual, physical and emotional.

I love this quote from a recent newsletter we got from the Faithful Finish Lines team,

Our goal is not attempting airbrushed perfection. God wants to recreate a healthy person. He will use each goal to make us more like Him, and more of the beautiful person as He created each of us to be.” ~ Sara Borgstede

Speaking of goals, this week I defined my Faithful Finish Line Challenge. I’m calling it  The V-Day Big Burpee Challenge. 60 Burpees on 2/14/15. I gotta tell you, I’m sweatin’ this one! I fell off the wagon this week and I’m concerned about doing 60 full burpees by 2/14. Nevertheless, I’m am pushing through. It’s make makes me chuckle when my little guy says, “Mom, did we do our hiccups today?” He’s my partner and a tiny cheering section (And he’s practicing his counting skills as we work our way to 60!)

I have made considerable progress in my healthy eating goals.  Another loaf of spelt sourdough bread came out of the oven recently (Thank you GNOWFLGLINS) and I have renewed my love affair with yogurt sundaes. Best. Snack. Ever. Now I really wish I had one of these so I could turn raw milk into beautiful whipped cream.

Do you have a cheering section?



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  1. That whipped cream maker looks awesome!

  2. Did we do our hiccups today? Aww, that’s too sweet!

    This is a beautiful post with so much great truth in it. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I do! And I welcome the accountability that comes with one too!


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