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Christmas Decorating: Keep the Joy, Lose the Stress

Simple Christmas Decorating

Christmas is just around the corner and with that comes the anticipation of decorating and getting our homes to look like the Christmas scene from Little Women.

But, if you are like me, you take a step back after the adrenalin has slowed down, and you rethink how you will decorate on a budget.

There are so many ways to keep our Christmas decor looking sweet and stylish without breaking the bank each year and without stressing us out. Simple Christmas decorating is easy!

Start early

I know it is frowned upon to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but in our home it is a must. December is always a huge rush of events, activities, parties, and memory making moments and trying to fit Christmas decorating in there is very hard. I typically decorate for Christmas the week of Thanksgiving (we do not host Thanksgiving at our home, so that helps).

Allow it to take a few days.

I do not decorate all in one day. I give myself two or three days to get it done. One day we only work on the tree. Next we set up the remaining home decor items. If I felt the rush to do it all in one day, the stress would make me want to cancel Christmas all together!

Let your children help!

Let’s be honest! Who are we decorating our homes for? Our families or Pinterest? (Ouch….. I felt it, too.) When my daughter turned four, I began letting her help me decorate the tree. That year it was a very slow process. Fast forward to last year when she was five, our tree took less than two hours to put up and decorate. She is small enough to squeeze behind the tree so stringing the lights was an incredibly fast process, and because she was allowed to hang the non-breakable ornaments wherever she wanted, our tree was done quickly, looked beautiful, and she felt that she truly had a part in helping.

This year my three year old will start helping. I’ll admit, I am a little nervous about him helping.

Who says you have to change your decor year after year?

I have no desire to reinvent the wheel year after year. Instead I have chosen a theme/color scheme I love and I stick with it every year. It keeps my costs down because I am not purchasing new items every year, and I have decided to be satisfied with what I have.

Our color scheme is red and white (not unique or original but it works). You can get a little tour of my Christmas decor here.

You do not have to decorate every room!

What are the main rooms in your home? Our layout is an open concept with the kitchen, living and dining rooms being one large room with a small supporting wall in the center. Those are the only rooms in the house I decorate. It keeps the cost of decorating down and it lessens the stress of having too much decorating to do.

Add some homemade/handmade touches.

The very act of making something by hand brings a screeching halt to the fast pace of our lives. Handmade means “family-perfect” not Pinterest perfect.” Go into your projects determined that they are not for posting anywhere, they are just for you. This should help relieve the stress of having a perfect project.

Tweet: Handmade means “family-perfect” not “Pinterest perfect.” #simpleChristmas #homemadeholiday

Here are some simple ways that we can decorate with less stress, make memories, and use what we have on hand (budget friendly) while involving our children.

  • the “old-fashioned” string of popcorn (string them on, snack on them, and have a great evening with your family)
  • paper chains (children can make these with minimal supervision -unless a stapler is being used)
  • don’t order prints for your frames with every Christmas quote imaginable! Use your children’s hand prints or foot prints on some card stock, to make Christmas pictures for your home. We decorated our gifts bags 2 years ago with our daughter’s feet for the cutest little reindeer ever!
  • use what you have on hand

I wanted to see if it was possible to make something quick and easy only with what I had on hand in my home. Here is what I had:

  1. Look through the paper to find a few sheets with a lot of print and no photos.
  2. Cut out three (or as many as you need) triangles.
  3. Using the paint and a paper towel, dab paint around the edge of your triangles.
  4. Cut out letters from your construction paper to spell out the word of your choice.
  5. Glue the letters to your triangles.
  6. Tape the sewing string to the back of your triangles.
  7. Hang in a place that will make you proud!

Simple Christmas Decor

As we head into the holiday season, I hope you have a Christmas that is full of joy and empty of stress.


Suzette Ladouceur is a stay-at-home wife, homeschooling mom, and part-time children’s ministry director at her chsuzetteurch. You can read more about her ideas of simple and intentional homemaking at The Joy of Homemaking.

Have a Jesus filled day!

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