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Life in A Small Kitchen: A Peek Into Cooking in A Camper

cooking in a camper

Do you have a small kitchen?  Are you struggling to eat real food style in a tight space? Well today you are in for a treat.  It’s a Real Food Kitchen Tour of some of your favorite blogger’s tiny kitchens.

Let me show you around our once-incredibly small kitchen.

Our lives took a crazy turn in August 2012 when a car just barely missed hitting our house and caught our house on fire.  We ended up living in our camper for 11 months.  Talk about a small kitchen space!

I really wanted to maintain our real food approach to eating but it took some adjustments.  You can read my tips for small-space real food cooking in this post. Today though, I’d like to give you a tour of that kitchen.

The Counter Space

kitchen 1

Here you have it.  My kitchen counter space.  As you can see, I used a cutting board over the sink to give me extra space.  The food prep you see before you was Thanksgiving dinner.  Yes, I prepped most of Thanksgiving dinner, 2012 in the camper.  It consisted of Stuffin’ Muffins’, two pumpkin pies, two loaves of bread and homemade green bean casserole.  Also notice our Christmas tree…it was up early that year.  It was so easy to put I couldn’t resist! 😉

The Stove

camper kitchen 2

Yes, only 3 burners instead of 4.  It’s doable. You just need to plan ahead and make things in shifts.  And if you’ve never seen an camper over, there’s only one rack. (At least in ours).  Meal planning was not just for the grocery budget for also for logistical purposes too.

Making Use of Available Space

roaster in bathroom

Yes you are seeing that correctly.  That is my electric roaster on two bar stools in the bathtub.  Small spaces require utilizing every inch of available space.  And when you have a toddler you need to keep stuff out of reach.  I could keep him out of the bathroom with a child lock (well, until he figured out how to get them off) so this was our best choice in the beginning of our camper stay.

A Word on Space Utilization

Sometimes you have to think outside the box.  We had to use our top bunk bed (mattress removed) for storage of spices and other dry goods.  Sometimes when space is limited your kitchen can’t look like something from Pintrest. That said, there are some great storage solution ideas on Pintrest. I have a board dedicated to that right here. And don’t forget this post with small kitchen tips!

When it comes to gadgets for storage solutions be choosy.  You don’t need every thing you see, otherwise you become overwhelmed with more stuff.  In the camper, I used these unlikely shelves in my pantry (since my pantry was about the same size as a school locker).  And even in the house I really like this option for maximizing space.

small kitchen tour

Join my fellow bloggers to tour their tiny kitchens.

Jennifer from shares a video of how she manages real food prep.

Elsie from RichlyRooted shows how she organizes her tiny cabin kitchen…with no kitchen drawers!

Katie Mae at Nourishing Simplicity gives you a tour of tiny her make-shift kitchen in Mexico

AlinaJoy at shares how she juggles cooking, eating, homeschooling and long term food storage in a small 1930’s farmhouse kitchen.

Jaimie E Ramsey shares how she organizes, creates new recipes, and entertains in her small apartment kitchen.

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  1. Love it! So glad you joined us for the tour! I can’t imagine living in a camper for any amount of extended time! Well done, mama! 🙂

  2. I loved this whole series! It was so fun to peek into people’s kitchens, and as I get ready both to move and to make a change in my eating habits it is definitely an inspiration 🙂


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  2. […] around feeling sorry for myself.  I forgot what being thankful was all about.  In 2012, we were living in a camper with no idea when our fire-destroyed house would be rebuilt.  We were thankful to be alive, […]

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