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Is Social Media Killing Your Witness

I thought when I got out of high school things would be different.


I thought adults wouldn’t sling mud and be nasty, that women wouldn’t pull other women’s hair and make fun of each other. I was wrong. I realize now that my naivety was thinking adults were “better” than teens or children.  Unfortunately, in this fallen word we live in, no matter what our age, we have a flesh that just loves to take over and hurting others comes naturally to her.

She loves to get the last word, to point out the speck and to call a foul when she sees one.  How selfish and righteous she can be, looking down on those around her, especially those she sees through the screen of her computer.  Spouting off judgment in the name of love and condemnation in the name of Truth.

Let’s look at another truth…..We are accountable for our actions and our words.Hammer Hitting Computer Showing Angry And Frustrated With Laptop

“I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak…”
~ Matthew 12:36

The last time I checked a written word is still a word.  If we believe God speaks to us through His written Word, and that word has power, why would we take lightly the words we write or type?  When you comment on a blog or Facebook page, when you Pin or Tweet you are representing Christ just as much as you are when you wear your skirt, your head-covering, put on your makeup, pray for someone, or anything else you do. Are you commenting in love?  Are you following biblical principles?

If you are indeed offended by something are you taking it privately to your sister in Christ or are you blasting her on Facebook.  If a she shares something you disagree with do you comment how she’s ruining her witness by what she posted (and so ruining yours by your public tirade). Or here’s a real big one – what if a blogger changes their mind about something? (gasp!)

I know two wonderful bloggers who recently changed their tune and are now “paying the piper” for it.  One has had great revelation from the Lord, the other publicly changed her mind about something and wasn’t afraid to share it. The have both received criticisms from “fans”….some of it was very nasty.

The irony….both women are Christians and have a Christian fan base.  Ha! Many, many witnesses blown. What would you find worse….someone saying, “Hey, I was wrong, I thought this way, the Lord has shown me differently and how I’m thinking this way.” and “Listen, I really tried, it didn’t work for me, you may love it but I honestly do not.”  Or would you rather bloggers keeps up a disguise to satisfy your perception and outright lie to you about something so you still feel good about yourself?

I would bet that the latter happens.  Luckily I have a great network of bloggers that I associate with but not every blogger is honest and values their readers.  Some are only looking to make money, honest or not.

I’d rather a blogger be honest, show her short-comings and the revelations God is showing her and be real enough to change her mind publicly than continue a facade that is unhealthy to her and her readers; spiritually, emotionally or physically.  

If you’re not sure how to behave on-line as a Christian here’s a few suggestions from the Imperfect Homemaker that might help.



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  1. I’d much rather have the bloggers be real and even change their mind about something than keep up a front just to satisfy people. When they are being real, then it helps me relate to them better and not feel alone (especially with parenting struggles).

  2. I agree, I want the bloggers I read to be real, honest and human. We all make mistakes, we all learn every single day and in that learning God can show us so much. We may live with something for years then God will show us that it’s time to move on with our mind set and become closer to him by letting whatever it is go. Should we be condemned for that? Should we be condemned because we haven’t felt convicted by God to let go of certain things while others have? So many Christians forget that we are all uniquely made in the Lord’s image. AKA We aren’t meant to be cookie cutter Christians that all look, act, and speak a like. That’s not what God wants. We all have our own gifts, physical and spiritual given to us by God, and we all use those gifts differently.

    I am so sorry two of you blogging friends have been hit with so much criticism from other Christians. But thank you for this post, so many people need to realize that this isn’t how we should act, and it isn’t how all Christians act.

  3. It’s hard to comment when I don’t know details, but I believe, as the Word says, that Truth rules. That doesn’t mean we have license to hurt someone or go out of our way to point something out that we disagree with. We need to live gracefully. We are all different and it is between us and God what standards we hold. While one may wear head coverings and non-descript handmade clothing, another may dress stylish with short hair and manicured nails. It is not our job to judge, only to represent the Light the best we can.

    • You are exactly right Val. The heart is the matter God seeks first and foremost. I had to seriously consider if I should link to the the people I mention but I felt the bigger matter was the general concept not the context and subject matter of their posts and decisions.

  4. Being open to change and allowing God to help us to grow and mature, speaks a lot about our character. I applaud anyone who is willing to speak about their thoughts that may have changed or a lesson learned. That’s just a part of the journey. Everyone will not agree and we should be gracious about that. They will know we are Christians by our love for one another. I suppose it is easier to judge or criticize behind a screen, but as Christians, we don’t get that luxury. We represent the Lord no matter the mode of communication. Treat one another with respect. It’s never okay to make another person feel less than.


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