Restoring the Lost Petal

*Five Fabulous Cleaning Recipes With Printable

I have been making homemade cleaners for a few years now and I have my favorites. Some are recipes I found along the way and modified while others I created myself (though I’m sure they aren’t new to the world). One thing I love about homemade cleaners is the cost effectiveness of buying ingredients rather than […]

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My Biggest Problem with Essential Oils

There is so much information swirling the web about essential oils. Google “essential oils” and you’ll be flooded with misinformation, anecdotal information, strange information, true, lies and a free puppy. Essential oils can be such a polarizing topic and if you’re new to using them there’s much information to wade through. Essential oils should not […]

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5 Uses for Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

You may have seen the awesome give away going on this week for  bunch of essential oils. I’m sponsoring ylang ylang oil for that give away and today I want to share a five uses for ylang ylang essential oil. Stress and anxiety relief – a whiff or two can help relieve the stresses of the […]

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