Restoring the Lost Petal

*Five Fabulous Cleaning Recipes With Printable

I have been making homemade cleaners for a few years now and I have my favorites. Some are recipes I found along the way and modified while others I created myself (though I’m sure they aren’t new to the world). One thing I love about homemade cleaners is the cost effectiveness of buying ingredients rather than […]

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The Power of Praying With Your Spouse, Plus Printable Prayer Cards

Prayer is pivotal for your marriage. Each spouse should spend time praying for their mate, praying for their family and speaking protection over the institution of their marriage (and the marriages of their friends and family). Great! I got that! I pray often for that kinda stuff! Don’t close this post just yet…. How often […]

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Building An Awesome Campfire with Recipe & Printable

Building a good fire for cooking is essential when you’re camping, especially if you’re not using a grill or camper kitchen.  Follow these simple instructions to build a prefect cooking campfire. Fill a bucket or gallon jug with water to keep close by. Use a pre-established fire ring our build a U-shaped area with medium […]

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